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YouTuber Isaak Presley hits out at critics over potential Sway House move

Published: 8/Apr/2020 23:00 Updated: 9/Apr/2020 0:02

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber, actor, and music artist Isaak Presley has responded to outrage from his fanbase after critics speculated that he is moving into a popular content creation house with other internet stars.

While Presley may be a popular online personality now, the YouTuber has a background in acting for huge networks, best known for portraying Bobby Popko in Netflix’s “Fuller House” series and Wilbur in “The New Normal.”

That’s not all; he is also an avid musician with a history as a Disney child actor, with his role as Stuck in the Middle’s Ethan Diaz recently coming up as a heated talking point among his fanbase.


Isaak Presley, Instagram
YouTuber, music artist, and actor Isaak Presley has become the subject of controversy after fans speculated he could be moving into the Sway House.

Presley’s fans have speculated that the star is taking the next step in his content creating career, with many suggesting that he is making plans to move into popular content house ‘The Sway House.’

Much like the ‘Hype House’ of TikTok fame, the Sway House brings together top internet stars under a single roof for optimal brainstorming — but some fans worry that this could mean trouble for Presley, who hit out at critics in a series of pointed Tweets in early April.

swayla, Instagram
The Sway House is a group of viral online stars, who live together for optimal content creation.

“I just quickly want to address some comments/messages I’ve seen about me talking about joining Sway,” he wrote. “People saying I’m not close with them. Bryce and I have been friends before anyone else met. Jaden is like a brother. Josh, Anthony, Griffin, Kio, those guys are my homies.”


He went on to address his time at Disney, reminding critics that he can’t be a child-friendly icon forever in wake of his transition to more mature content as he grows up.

“Secondly, yes I was on Disney Channel,” he continued. “I don’t forget my roots. But, that was two years ago. I’m sorry if me moving on to other things is bothersome, but I’m not always going to be a little Disney kid. You don’t have to agree with my decisions, but let’s not bring up silly points.”

Since then, many fans have expressed their support for Presley’s move, which he appears to have now confirmed in his social media posts — a promising prospect in light of the Hype House’s own ensuing legal drama.