Is NICKMERCS moving to YouTube? Twitch star’s “big announcement” tease sparks rumors

Shay Robson
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One of Twitch’s biggest streamers Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff recently took a break from streaming, leaving fans awaiting the return of their favorite creator. Though, he might not be coming back to the same platform, after teasing a “big announcement.”

With the strong support of the immense #MFAM, NICKMERCS is one of the biggest creators on Twitch, garnering over 6.2M followers on the platform.

The last time we saw Nick streaming was on September 23, close to two weeks ago at the time of writing, and fans are heavily anticipating his return. With rumors of signing the biggest deal of his career, and his peers signing exclusivity deals with YouTube, NICKMERCS’ return will undoubtedly make a bang.

FaZe Clan
NICKMERCS is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, but fans believe he could be making the switch to YouTube.

Currently, there’s no indication of when Nick will return to streaming. The last we heard from the streamer was on September 30, when he revealed that there’s a big announcement on the way, but he’s taking some more time before returning.

Since the tweet, it’s been radio silent on social media, but as two weeks from his last stream is coming up on October 7, it could be a reasonably good time to return.

Is NICKMERCS going to YouTube?

Going back to 2019, many of Twitch’s biggest streamers were offered multi-million deals just to simply bring their content to another platform. With YouTube, Mixer, and Facebook all in a race to compete with Twitch, it was a hectic time in the streaming world, and it was dubbed as the “streaming platform war.”

Of course, the most prominent deal is Ninja heading to Mixer for $30M, but we cannot forget about the other streamers. In October 2019, TimTheTatman, DrLupo, and NICKMERCS signed exclusive deals to Twitch for undisclosed amounts.

Two years later, DrLupo and TimTheTatman have packed their bags, now signing to YouTube, leaving all eyes are on NICKMERCS to make his move. Supposedly, Nick has secured the biggest deal of his career, and fans are speculating the next step is heading to YouTube.

With the three creators signing their deals around the same time, Nick’s contract may also be up, meaning a switch to YouTube could be on the cards but obviously, it’s just speculation at this point.

The future of his streaming is unknown, leaving us all speculating, but no matter which platform NICKMERCS continues to stream on going forward, it won’t stop the passionate MFAM from supporting him.