Is Addison Rae joining David Dobrik and the Vlog Squad?

Andrew Amos
Rae and Dobrik in TikTok together

Could Addison Rae be joining the Vlog Squad? That’s what fans think, as more rumors about the TikTok star’s swap from the Hype House to David Dobrik’s crew start popping up.

Addison Rae is one of TikTok ⁠— and the internet’s ⁠— biggest stars. She has 46.3 million followers on the viral social media platform, 20 million on Instagram, and over two million on YouTube and Twitter.

She’s currently part of one of TikTok’s biggest collectives, the Hype House. However, allegiances could be changing, with a possible move to the Vlog Squad being teed up.

Addison Rae standing in garden
Could Rae be joining Dobrik’s Vlog Squad?

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Rae has been connected to the Dobrik-led collective numerous times before. These latest rumors might be the most solid yet though.

Zane Hijazi made a comment on Instagram about Rae’s “status” within the Vlog Squad, saying that “she’s still in the audition process.”

Whether this was tongue-in-cheek or not, it has got fans from all sides of the spectrum reeling. Some are looking forward to perhaps more Rae and Dobrik action on the regular, while others don’t want to see her leave the Hype House.

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Rae has also spent some time collaborating with Dobrik recently. She appeared on his Views podcast to talk about how much money TikTok creators are making, and also has made a couple of YouTube vlog cameos.

It also comes after dating rumors between the two were shut down over time. Back in April, the TikTok duo were all the rage ⁠— as a couple ⁠— but that has seemingly fizzled out after the pair consistently denied it.

Rae hasn’t officially left the Hype House ⁠— the rival collective to the Vlog Squad ⁠— but rumors of her exit have circulated for months. Rae was penned to leave the house after the D’Amelio sisters bailed in April, but nothing has happened since.

Hype House members
The Hype House once peaked at 28 members, but has lost creators in recent months.

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All these signs and more have been pointing towards Addison’s potential jump from the House to the Squad. However, nothing is set in stone yet.

If the move does end up happening though, it would be a big scalp for the Vlog Squad. Rae’s huge social reach is a big asset to have, and it could only lead to more hilarious collabs between her and Dobrik which fans love.

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