TikTok’s Hype House cut ties with Darianka amid bullying allegations - Dexerto

TikTok’s Hype House cut ties with Darianka amid bullying allegations

Published: 17/Jun/2020 11:28 Updated: 17/Jun/2020 11:46

by Jacob Hale


Less than two weeks after it appeared to be confirmed that TikTok star Darianka Sanchez was joining the Hype House, the collective has confirmed that she actually isn’t a part of the Hype House following bullying allegations.

On June 8, all signs seemed to point towards Darianka officially joining the Hype House, with her and her management posting on Instagram about it, followed by an outpouring of support from fellow content creators.

Although it was supposed to be one of the biggest moments of her life, Darianka was quickly dragged into drama with a flurry of bullying allegations surfacing, including against popular TikTok creator Kenzie Ziegler.


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Instagram: darianka.s
Darianka’s Hype House tenure was clearly a short-lived one.

The incident links back to a 2015 iCloud leak of Ziegler and her family, which people believe Darianka had some involvement in.

After that, the situation went quiet: Darianka wasn’t showing off her new residence, the other Hype House members weren’t creating videos with or talking about her, and there was clearly some sort of issue.

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Now, it looks like Darianka’s fate has been sealed, thanks to a comment from the official Hype House TikTok account.

In a comment from a fan on one of their posts, they were told that “Darianka can not be trusted” – and the Hype House residents took the opportunity to clear the air.


“We wish her the best but she is not a part of Hype House,” the group’s official account wrote, dispelling any rumors that had started to circulate.

The Hype House put an end to any affiliation with Darianka.

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Because of everything that has happened, it’s unclear whether Darianka was ever really actually in the Hype House – and if she was, it must be one of the shortest tenures in TikTok history.

Darianka has not spoken on the issue, and none of the individual Hype House stars have explained the situation yet, so whether it ever comes out what has really happened remains to be seen.