Ironmouse’s record-breaking Twitch subathon finally ends after 31 days: “I’m free”

Calum Patterson
ironmouse twitch subathon ends

After over a month of streaming, Ironmouse’s subathon has finally ended, after seeing her become the most-subscribed to female streamer ever on Twitch.

First made popular by Ludwig’s own 30-day stream, the subathon has become one of Twitch’s biggest trends over the past 12 months. They involve a streamer remaining live for as long as viewers continue to subscribe or donate to the channel.

Streamers big and small have run their own subathons, some lasting over 100 days and still counting. But, while Ironmouse’s has ended after 31 days, she broke the record for most active subs for a female streamer, with over 170,000 at the time of writing.

The Vtuber had to hit back at criticism that the subathon was “boring”, even as she became the third-most subbed-to streamer of all time, behind Ninja and Ludwig.

Ironmouse subathon finally ends

On March 7, the timer finally ran out, but Ironmouse was just happy to have reached her one-month target.

There was a sense of relief as the timer ticked over to zero, as the Vshojo member exclaimed “I’m free!”

As of March 7, Twitch Tracker estimates that Ironmouse has a total of 170,888 active subs on her channel, 145,000 of which being gifted subs.

That’s almost 100,000 more than second-placed xQc, currently on 77,000 subs.

Competition is stiff though – and Minecraft streamer Tubbo might be on his way to overtake Ironmouse quickly, as he’s currently underway with his own ‘Tubbothon’ stream, and has just under 40,000 subscribers on day six.

Speaking a few days prior to the stream ending, Ironmouse said she would cherish the memories forever. “The fact anybody wants to spend any time with me at all is surprising to me,” she said.

“I don’t feel like a pretty interesting person, I feel like I’m relatively boring, and there’s a lot more people who are way more entertaining with me. I’ll never forget this month for the rest of my life. I’ll take these memories to my grave.”

Ironmouse’s success is also another indicator of how popular Vtubing, in general, has become, both on Twitch and YouTube. Once a niche area of streaming, it is now firmly in the mainstream on both platforms.