IRL streamer freaks out after random man on beach sniffs her - Dexerto

IRL streamer freaks out after random man on beach sniffs her

Published: 30/Mar/2020 17:39 Updated: 30/Mar/2020 17:42

by Michael Gwilliam


IRL Twitch streamer ‘ImJasmine’ was left stunned after a stranger randomly touched her with his nose while running across a beach in Vietnam.

The streamer was walking around the beach during a March 30 broadcast while talking with her viewers and enjoying the scenery.

As Jasmine was trying to figure out a potential stream delay issue by getting her viewers to spam “bobs” in chat, a man started approaching from behind.

The man came out of nowhere.

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What made the whole thing more bizarre was she was counting to ten and right as she reached it, the man sped up and appeared to hit her with his nose, causing the startled streamer to leap back.


It’s unclear what prompted the man to act like that, but Jasmine had no interest in engaging with the individual who was walking farther up ahead.

“Oh my God,” she cried while the strange man walked passed and gave her a thumbs up. “That was so scary. Did that guy just sniff me?!”

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The whole encounter was extremely bizarre from the sniff to the thumbs up, but according to Jasmine, the man did more than just smell her.

“He literally just… he went up and wiped his nose and sniffed me on my shoulder,” she disgustedly explained. “Can I just go this way before I get murdered?”


Luckily, because she was at a beach, the Canadian decided to just go into the water and wash herself and get germs off her body.

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“That was some Silence of the Lambs s**t,” she laughed, referencing the 1991 Oscar-winning film starring Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins.

Eventually, she was able to get away from the man and off the beach safely, but she was clearly still absolutely baffled at what transpired.