IRL streamer has awkward exchange with banned bounty hunter at TwitchCon

Brent Koepp

While streaming at TwitchCon on September 27, Twitch personality ‘jaystreazy’ showed viewers what happens when they meet a banned Twitch streamer IRL.

Twitchcon is currently running from September 27 through the 29 in San Diego, California and is the largest gathering for the streaming platform, as personalities from all around the world come to celebrate their medium.

Naturally, attendees are each doing their own stream at the convention, as they want to share the experience with their audience. However things got interesting when one streamer was in the middle of a broadcast when he saw a friend who is currently banned from the platform.

Running into a banned friend

Jaystreazy was in the middle of a broadcast at the streaming convention when suddenly he passed IRL bounty hunter streamer ‘StephenIRL’ who noticed him while walking around the venue floor.

Like any friend would do he went to greet him. “Oh no! What’s up brother?” the streamer exclaimed, before he realized that Stephen is currently banned on Twitch, and hilariously dropped his camera down to face the floor as quickly as possible so that he didn’t show up on the broadcast.

After his brief exchange with the banned streamer, Jaystreazy flipped his camera back upright, before exclaiming to his audience “MonkaS banned streamers! MonkaS! MonkaS!” while laughing.

MonkaS is a term used on the platform for an intense situation, typically when a streamer is playing a tense moment in a game. So the Twitch streamer was telling his chat that he was feeling the pressure during his broadcast, as he had to avoid getting banned while talking to his friend.

Why was StephenIRL banned?

StephenIRL takes in-real-life streams to whole different level by offering his audience a unique insight into the world of bounty hunting, as he broadcasts all the unusual interactions he has with criminals.

However, on September 11 he found his channel banned, and his audience was left in the dark until the bounty hunter uploaded a YouTube video on September 25 that explained he was banned for brandishing a weapon on stream, despite the fact that he had shown weapons before in the past and it had never been an issue.

The awkward moment showed us what a Twitch personality has to do when seeing a banned streamer in person to avoid getting their own channel banned.

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