IRL streamer instantly regrets agreeing to eat disgusting giant bug

Michael Gwilliam

Twitch star Kiaraakitty is well-known for her IRL travel streams, where she embraces other cultures. Her trip to Bangkok, Thailand, was no exception, though she was left looking disgusted after her first bite of a giant bug.

For her part, Kiara had been very open-minded to trying new foods while on her trip, including a scorpion that she barely managed to eat despite a look of sheer disgust on her face with every bite.

On November 18, the streamer was walking around a market area and wanted to try eating a new bug for the first time.

“Very big and juicy,” she told her stream while she held up the insect for inspection.

Before she could pop the bug into her mouth, Kiara’s friend showed up and was shocked that she decided to purchase the gross-looking food item. “You actually decided to get that?” she asked.

“I’m gonna try this one,” she replied and took a big bite while her friend stared on with her mouth gasped wide in disbelief.

While the brave Kiara seemed confident that she would enjoy eating the insect, she immediately appeared to dislike the taste. Meanwhile, the people she bought the creature from just looked on with awkward grins on their faces.

Eventually, one of the two salesmen decided to help the young streamer out by taking the wings off the bug.

“Oh, you weren’t meant to eat the wings,” her friend observed. Kiara, now with her food correctly prepared, spit the winged insect into a napkin before taking a bite of the wingless snack.

On the second go, the traveler enjoyed the ‘treat’ and said it reminded her of the taste of prawn skin.

“I was pretty disturbed by it,” Kiara’s friend admitted. “The inside alone.”

Bugs as food are prevalent in Thailand and as such, bred for consumption. Local food markets often feature edible bug tables where vendors sell their products.

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