DisguisedToast loses $5,000 bet to Twitch viewers after Pokemon fail

Connor Bennett

Popular Twitch streamer Jeremy ‘DisguisedToast’ Wang lost a sizeable chunk of change after betting fans that he could a Shiny Wooloo in Pokemon Sword and Shield

After months of waiting, Pokemon fans finally got their hands on Sword and Shield on November 15, marking their first steps into the eighth generation. 

Since then, they’ve been on a hunt to catch ‘em all in the new Galar region, which brings a whole new selection of shiny Pokemon – something that’s been a mainstay of the franchise for some time. These are rarer forms of species that are particularly difficult to find in the wild. 

Just like many other trainers, DisguisedToast has been searching for shinies and went as far as betting with his own fans on Twitch that he’d be able to find a shiny Wooloo inside 15 hours. But, it didn’t quite work out as planned. 

DisguisedToast is one of the most popular members of Offline TV.

During his November 17 stream, the Offline TV member set out to find the special Wooloo as he ventured into the new Pokemon title. Considering how frequent the Pokemon appears in the Wild Area, with the right amount of time put into the search, he believe it wouldn’t be too hard a task to complete. 

Having found a number of them already, but none shiny, the streamer gave his fans quite a fright around five hours into the broadcast as he encountered a Wooloo. His screen shook as if something special was happening. Yet, when the battle started, it was just a regular one.

As the hours ticked down towards him losing his bet, DisguisedToast kept on his search, running into a countless number of sheep. 

However, before he knew it, the 15-hour time limit was over and he had to pay up on his bet – handing out 1,000 free subscriptions to his channel. While his fan may have celebrated, the streamer’s wallet certainly took a hit as he had to shell out $5,000. 

Now, some viewers may want to repay the streamer for delivering on an enjoyable outcome, but one thing that makes DisguisedToast different on Twitch is that he doesn’t accept donations.

He also recently urged viewers to take their subscriptions and help out smaller broadcasters. But, they’ll probably just keep subbing to him and dropping some fire Wooloo memes instead. 

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