IRL Twitch streamer embarrassed after chat gets attention of Nintendo boss

Triciaisaburdy Twitch IRL stream at Super Nintendo WorldTwitch: Triciaisaburdy

A Twitch streamer was left embarrassed during her IRL stream at Super Nintendo World, after reading a message in chat that got the attention of Doug Bowser, the head of Nintendo of Americas.

It’s finally happened. Universal Studios partnered up with Nintendo of America to build an entire park based on some of the most iconic franchises in gaming.

Super Nintendo World officially opens on February 17, but fans with annual passes have been able to access the themed area for over a week.

Twitch streamer Triciaisburdy gave her viewers a sneak peek of the world in an IRL stream on February 16, and was left embarrassed after chat managed to get the attention of the biggest name in the company.

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Streamer embarrassed after chat gets Nintendo boss’ attention

During her stream, Tricia was reading chat from her phone when she read off a message that said: “Say hi to Doug Bowser.”

Just feet away from the stream, you can hear Doug Bowser respond. “Hi, Who said that?” he asked.

As he walked over to the stream, Tricia was left embarrassed as she simply didn’t know who he was.

“Oh, you’re the head of Nintendo,” she said shyly.

After realizing that his last name was Bowser, she asked the Nintendo boss if the iconic character was named after him. Of course, he responded that it was simply a coincidence.

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Once the interaction ended and Doug Bowser walked away, Tricia turned to her chat to share her embarrassment.

“Guys you have made me so embarrassed,” she said, laughing.

The Twitch streamer managed to brush off the embarrassment rather quickly and went on to enjoy the rest of her visit to Super Nintendo World.

She’s not the first person to stream from the popular theme park so far, but with how popular IRL broadcasts are on Twitch, it’s safe to say she won’t be the last.