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IRL streamer confronted by angry stranger who didn’t want to be filmed

Published: 7/Oct/2019 1:03 Updated: 7/Oct/2019 1:28

by Isaac McIntyre


IRL streamer Sherwindo had a scary moment on the streets of London as he broadcast his walk through the English capital, after being confronted by an aggressive stranger who threatened the Twitch personality.

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The multi-platform streamer was wandering around outside coffee and sandwich shop Pret a Manger during his October 6 broadcast, when he accidentally turned his camera onto a gaggle of men standing around on the footpath.

Sherwindo quickly realized one of them had taken personal offense to the camera being turned his way, and walked on, expressing to his loyal viewers that he might be in a bit of trouble.


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“Oh my god, Romanian gypsies. Man, the look on that guy’s face. Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh,” the streamer said. The stranger followed him with a disgusted look on his face, waving his finger and demanding he shut off the broadcast. “No video! No no, no video. I will call the police!”

The streamer looked at the stranger’s hands, and when he saw no phone in sight, he seemed to have a lift in courage: “Call the police. Where’s your phone? I’m filming myself!” he yelled, before adding a few extra thoughts in Persian.


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Funnily enough, as soon as Sherwindo stepped into the Pret a Manger to escape the uncomfortable situation with the man outside, another stranger spotted the Twitch streamer’s camera setup, and yelled out as well.

This time it was in more of a joking manner, however, which elicited a wide smile from the filming star. “Hey, a camera! Hello, hello!” the coffee-wielding stranger said as his face filled the screen for a moment, and the IRL streamer breathed a sigh of relief.

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Sherwindo’s uncomfortable moment near the coffee shop wasn’t the only time the streamer has been approached while out and about this week. During an earlier October 3 broadcast, he was approached by a couple in the streets with a “really great deal.”


“It’s a digital MP3, you can play it in your car, bluetooth, everything yeah?” the would-be salesman said, which sparked a laugh from Sherwindo before he turned around and set off running. “Leave me alone! I have 58p on my debit card, everyone is trying to use me!”

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The multi-platform star has also had troubles at home recently due to his streaming lifestyle, after his sister told his mother that he had been filming their conversations. 

His mom beat him, yelled at him, and pulled his hair—all while on-camera—which left Sherwindo in tears.