IRL streamer accidentally buys underwear from vending machine in Japan

Virginia Glaze
EXCB, Twitch

One IRL streamer and his wife tried their hand at Japan’s famous “gashapon” vending machines – but what the couple received was not what either of them expected.

Streaming duo “EXBC” are a married couple who broadcast their trips around the globe, with their latest travel destination being Osaka, Japan.

As the third largest city in the island country, Osaka boasts a rich history and bustling nightlife – but EXBC got distracted with another phenomenon that spans throughout Japan, rather than a particular historical landmark.

Pedro Szekely, FlickrOsaka is a historic city known for its landmarks and bustling nightlife.

“Gashapon” machines, or popular toy-based vending machines, are found all across the country, peddling a variety of items like action figures, keychains, and other such merchandise.

However, some of these gashapons can get a bit inappropriate, as evidenced by EXBC’s experience.

EXCBTV, InstagramEXCB are a husband and wife streaming duo, who came across an unusual vending machine in Japan.

Heosu, wife of fellow streamer Esco, tested her luck with one of Osaka’s gashapon machines – and ended up with an unexpected surprise, as the item inside the capsule turned out to be a pair of panties.

“Oh sh**! Panties?” Heosu exclaimed, unwrapping the package to reveal a neon orange thong. “Oh yeah, orange!”

As if getting an actual thong in a vending machine wasn’t odd enough, she went on to sniff the undergarment, giving it to her husband as a humorous “gift” – who also gave them a sniff for good measure.

Despite the seemingly random nature of such an occurrence, this isn’t completely unusual in Japan: in fact, the country boasted a “used panty” vending machine boom in the mid-nineties, although it’s far less likely to run across such gashapons now, as the practice was quickly culled by authorities.

While selling used panties is now illegal, coming across a machine that sells “artificially used” or “prepared” panties isn’t completely impossible, as EXCB illustrated – but don’t expect to run into any of these machines during your usual outings there.

Freepik.comThe fabled “used panty” vending machines of Japan no longer exist – but you can find some unused panty gashapons if you look hard enough.

While many IRL streams capture unexpected moments in real time, EXCB’s vending-machine antics take the proverbial cake in a site filled with crazy and unanticipated clips from all manner of shenanigans.

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