Floyd Mayweather’s promoter says he didn’t take Logan Paul fight seriously

Mayweather's promotor on fightYouTube:TheMacLife

Floyd Mayweather’s promoter has claimed that the undefeated boxer didn’t take the Logan Paul fight seriously, and if he’d have done a full training camp, he’d have “f***ed” Paul up.

After months of excitement and hype, the highly anticipated bout between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather finally took place on June 6. In the end, the 8-round exhibition fight went the distance, with Mayweather controlling the pace of the action with his signature defensive style.

Despite this, Mayweather did receive some criticism over his performance, with Paul even pointing out that the Hall of Famer was “slower than expected”.

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Well, Mayweather’s promoter Leonard Ellerbe has claimed that Floyd didn’t take the fight seriously and that Paul is lucky Mayweather didn’t go through a full training camp.

Logan Paul vs MayweatherAmanda Westcott for SHOWTIME
Logan Paul has over 20 million subscribers on YouTube.

Promoter claims Mayweather didn’t take Paul fight seriously

In an interview with TheMacLife, Floyd Mayweather’s promoter Leonard Ellerbe claimed the undefeated boxer didn’t take the fight seriously at all.

Despite only doing the minimum amount of prep heading into the bout, Ellerbe voiced that Mayweather was the one pressing the action and looking to fight, whereas Paul was just moving into grapple.

“He’d have f***ed him up [if he had a full training camp] but Floyd wasn’t taking none of this seriously… Floyd was walking him down the whole 8 rounds, he wasn’t running around the ring, the little guy was walking the big guy down,” he said.

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It’s obvious Ellerbe believes that if Mayweather decided to go through a whole camp, it’s likely he would have been able to knock Paul out during the fight.

Although it’s impossible to know whether this is true, even Floyd reiterated in the post-fight conference that he only trained twice a week for the bout.

Mayweather certainly isn’t renowned for his aggressive boxing style, but it would’ve been interesting to see the undefeated boxer in peak condition.

While no one came out on top in the end, it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing both Mayweather and Paul back in the ring again. The question is, who will each of them decide to take on next?

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