Instagram models give Mike Majlak tips for sliding into the DMs

Lauren Bergin
Mike Majlak asks Instagram models for dating advice
YouTube: Mike Majlak Vlogs

Mastering the internet dating scene is pretty difficult, but thankfully YouTuber Mike Majlak has come to the rescue by asking Instagram models what they look for when people slide into the DM’s.

Current restrictions have changed the way that the whole world dates. Understanding the virtual language of love can be hard for all of us, especially if you’ve never interacted with the person that your heart desires.

Once upon a time, we listed the six best co-op games for couples and prospective romantics to try out, but in order to get to that stage you need to send that special someone a message first.

Thankfully, YouTuber Mike Majlak has come to the rescue by asking Instagram models for some DM tricks.

Mike asks Instagram models for dating advice

Mike Majlak stands in Impaulsive studio
YouTube: Mike Majlak Vlogs
The YouTube star has asked some of Instagram’s finest for their advice.

Jumping in the hot tub with Instagram models Amanda Diaz and Ashley Nichole, he asks the two women about what they find most impressive when a male approaches via direct message.

First up is Amanda, who notes that “you can’t be shy with it, you’ve just got to send it. I need to know you’re interested and not, like, just trying to be friends.

“But, y’know the thing is, if you’re really bold with it just comment on my picture and I’ll see it. I like a comment!”

Ashley echoes this, noting that “it’s all about confidence for me. As long as you have the confidence and the humor then you’re confident in yourself. I think that’s such an attractive thing overall.”

The takeaway from the stream really is to be confident with a good sense of fun, but not to a point where it’s too crushing or obnoxious. The women share some pretty sound advice, which gives any prospective DM’ers the female perspective.

So, whether you’re hoping to slip into a celebrity’s DMs or just one of your friends, make sure that you’ve got that charm and charisma because it may just be the magic you need!