iDubbbz reveals his motivation behind Doctor Mike fight

Virginia Glaze
iDubbbz doctor mike fight trash talk motivation

YouTube star iDubbbz is testing his might in the boxing ring against fellow influencer Doctor Mike to see if he can back up his “trash talk” Content Cop videos with his fists.

OG YouTuber Ian ‘iDubbbz’ Washburn is about to change the influencer boxing landscape in a huge way with his upcoming charity boxing extravaganza, ‘Creator Clash.’

Creator Clash is pitting a slew of unconventional influencers against each other in the boxing ring all in the name of charity, with multiple charitable organizations benefiting from the proceeds.

Of course, just because this is a charity event doesn’t mean there can’t be a little trash talk involved — and iDubbbz is certainly familiar with the concept.

Creator Clash fight card image
Creator Clash boasts a stacked card of surprising influencer bouts.

iDubbbz is widely known for his ‘Content Cop’ series of YouTube videos, where he goes in on certain content creators across the internet and ‘exposes’ their behavior.

In these videos, it’s not uncommon for iDubbbz to throw around a few insults toward those he’s ‘investigating’… which he joked is part of the reason why he’s undertaking this massive boxing mission.

content cop jake paul idubbbz
iDubbbz’s ‘Content Cop’ videos roast certain YouTubers and their content.

In an interview with YouTuber and podcast host Jeff Wittek, iDubbbz said he’s eager to see if he can cash a check with his fists that he writes with his mouth.

“It’s a challenge for me to not trash talk. That’s why I’m doing this. To see if I can talk with these guys instead of this thing,” he joked, pointing to his fists and then to his mouth.

Although it’s been a hot minute since we’ve seen a Content Cop video from iDubbbz, he laughingly assured Jeff that he’d make one the very next day if he ends up losing to Doctor Mike.

(Topic begins at 1:52)

In the past, iDubbbz bantered that the entire reason he started boxing was to take Jake Paul down a peg, joking that Paul’s many opponents (including UFC champ Tyron Woodley) failed to bring him to the canvas like he was hoping.

For now, we’ll just have to wait until May 14 to see if iDubbbz’s Content Cop trash-talking skills have translated to his boxing prowess. But until then, we’ll be awaiting  the press conference on May 13.

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