iDubbbz wants to “take out Jake Paul” after Creator Clash event

Virginia Glaze

YouTuber iDubbbz says that his main goal for getting in the influencer boxing world amid his upcoming Creator Clash event is to ultimately take out the trend’s biggest star — Jake Paul.

The influencer boxing craze is nearing its peak as stars like Jake Paul, KSI, and more are set for upcoming matches this summer.

Paul is one of the biggest names in the space, boasting a 5-0 record with 4 victories by KO… and he’s calling out some of the most prominent fighters in MMA and boxing to touch gloves in the ring sometime soon.

Alongside these forthcoming summer fights is iDubbbz’s charity boxing event, Creator Clash. This event is different from the rest, as it is donating all proceeds to various charities and conscripting some unlikely faces for a seriously stacked card.

creator clash influencer beatdown poster
22 YouTubers are set to face off in iDubbbz’s massive charity boxing event this summer.

iDubbbz recently made an appearance on the latest episode of ‘The Iced Coffee Hour’ podcast to discuss this upcoming project and why he chose to pursue boxing in the first place.

His answer wasn’t unexpected — but it’s definitely a callout. iDubbbz says that his main ambition for pursuing boxing is to eventually put Jake Paul in his place.

Jake paul vs tyron woodley
Jake Paul managed to knock out former UFC champ Tyron Woodley in their December 2021 rematch.

iDubbbz says he wants to fight Jake Paul

“Why boxing?” one of the podcast hosts asked.

“You know… gotta take out Jake Paul,” he answered. “Gotta kill him. Gotta kill him in the ring. Someone’s gotta do it. I’ve been disappointed so far ’cause no one’s done it yet.”

“We’ve had Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley. We were counting on these guys, and they didn’t show up!” he added.

(Topic begins at 2:40)

That’s not all; Creator Clash may be iDubbbz’s first boxing extravaganza, but it might not be his last. The YouTuber says he hopes to do more of these events in the future if he’s “successfully able to climb the ladder.”

For now, fans have several weeks to wait until Creator Clash takes place on May 14. Until then, check out our interview with iDubbbz’s upcoming opponent, Doctor Mike, who got the chance to spar with boxing champ Amanda Serrano.

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