iDubbbz blasts “extremely deceptive” Froggy Fresh over Creator Clash drama

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idubbbz addresses froggy fresh drama

YouTuber iDubbbz has finally spoken out about the drama concerning Froggy Fresh, blasting the creator as “extremely deceptive” in their feud prior to Creator Clash 2.

Creator Clash 2 has come and gone, bringing with it a ton of hype and a slew of exciting boxing matches between some of the internet’s top entertainers.

However, the event experienced some controversy in the weeks leading up to fight night on April 15. During some trash-talk against opponent ChrisRayGun, Froggy Fresh made some remarks about Anisa Jomha, iDubbbz’s wife and one of the key organizers of Creator Clash.

These comments seemed to spark dissent from both iDubbbz and Anisa’s mother, resulting in a public social media feud between Froggy and Anisa’s mom. Froggy Fresh was then discharged from Creator Clash and replaced with William Haynes.

This decision prompted a slew of big reactions online from fans and fellow creators, alike. iDubbbz and Creator Clash as a whole were notably silent about the issue… until now.

iDubbbz finally addresses Froggy Fresh drama

On May 3, iDubbbz uploaded a YouTube video finally addressing the drama with Froggy Fresh, where he clarified that the reason he kicked Fresh from the card was due to his collaborations with controversial YouTuber Sam Hyde.

To give some background information: Sam Hyde made multiple insulting comments toward Anisa in the past, which he said in various public videos and live streams. As a result, Hyde was banned from the first Creator Clash, and has continued to fuel an ongoing feud with iDubbbz.

iDubbbz claims that Fresh’s framing of their issues around his beef with Anisa’s mother is disingenuous and called the YouTuber “extremely deceptive.”

“For anyone who was under the impression that Froggy has been reasonable and chill and respectful through this whole process, he hasn’t been,” iDubbbz explained. “He’s been a piece of sh*t. I’m not happy with how he’s behaved.”

“He’s talked mad sh*t about me, Anisa, participants of the event, the event itself. He doesn’t like the culture of Creator Clash, and he mentioned that. To be honest, I thought it was quite the gift to you that we kicked you off the card,” he continued, addressing Froggy Fresh.

That’s not all; during his video, iDubbbz appeared to take shots at other influencer-boxing organizations like Misfits Boxing, referencing the incident where Chase Demoor kept hitting his opponent after a knockdown at Misfits Series 006.

iDubbbz then showcased his text messages with Froggy Fresh, where the two discussed Sam Hyde’s behavior and how Froggy’s collaboration with him might affect Creator Clash as an event.

idubbbz froggy fresh text messages creator clash drama
iDubbbz showcased several text messages between himself and Froggy Fresh.

Ultimately, the issue appeared to stem from Froggy Fresh wanting to create collaborative content with Sam Hyde prior to Creator Clash 2. iDubbbz claimed that he’d asked Froggy to postpone until the event was over, but their disagreement over the matter — with Froggy claiming he didn’t think it was “appropriate” for iDubbbz to dictate the terms of his friendships with other creators — led to their falling out.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate that you are hanging out with a guy who doesn’t think women are people,” iDubbbz hit back. “I don’t think that’s appropriate.”

iDubbbz also explained why he didn’t speak about the situation sooner, claiming he was scared of sabotaging Creator Clash’s success with the drama.

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