Froggy Fresh challenges iDubbbz to MMA cage match following Creator Clash fallout

Zackerie Fairfax
froggy fresh

Following a week of drama surrounding the Creator Clash and its decision to remove Tyler “Froggy Fresh” Cassidy from the card, Cassidy has called out iDubbbz to an MMA match.

Late on March 25, the official Creator Clash Twitter announced that Froggy Fresh would no longer be fighting Chris Ray Gun. The event organizers stated the decision was made due to Cassidy’s “recent behavior,” but they have yet to disclose the specific actions that led to his removal.

In the week following the announcement, Cassidy posted several times on social media, disclosing why he thinks he was removed. However, he claims that neither iDubbbz nor Anisa has provided a reason. Cassidy has also offered to rejoin the card, with several internet personalities offering charity donations if he were to be reinstated.

But after a post on March 28 provided additional info on removing Cassidy from the card, Creator Clash has yet to comment more on the situation. Meanwhile, Froggy Fresh claims he is facing potential legal action if he continues publicly talking about his removal.

Now, Cassidy is seeking a fight with the Creator Clash founder, iDubbbz, wagering his legal battle.

Froggy Fresh challenges iDubbbz to a fight

On April 2, a clean-shaven Froggy Fresh took to Twitter with another update. While he recently stated that he was done with boxing, he took the opportunity to challenge iDubbbz to another combat sport: MMA.

After relisting the reasons why he thinks he was kicked and bringing up the potential court battle, Froggy issued his challenge. “I was thinking we could just settle it the old way. Me and iDubbbz do a cage match. And MMA match with none of them helmets or knee pads or the special things.”

He went on to lay out conditions, stating he could bulk up to 155 lbs if iDubbbz could cut down to 160. He claimed that even though he clocks in at 5’2″ to iDubbbz’s 6’1, he would be able to beat Ian in the ring.

Of course, the challenge also came with a wage from Froggy Fresh. “If I win, iDubbbz and Creator Clash have to promise not to sue me for hanging out and training with Sam Hyde or for saying I would subscribe to Anisa’s OnlyFans, or whatever else they want to conjure up.”

But if iDubbbz were to win, Froggy Fresh stated he would never subscribe to Anisa’s OnlyFans.

We will have to wait and see if iDubbbz responds to Cassidy, as he has yet to issue any public statement on the situation.