Ibai Llanos breaks Twitch viewership record with La Velada del Año 3

Carver Fisher
ibai sets new Twitch viewership record

Ibai’s third boxing event has once again broken the Twitch viewership record with over 3.4 million viewers at its peak, cementing him as the biggest creator on the platform.

Even though Twitch has had its fair share of recent controversy and some of its biggest creators signed away to Kick, the platform is still alive and well. Especially when it comes to international audiences.

The Spanish-speaking audience on Twitch is massive, with many site records being held by and for those who don’t primarily speak English. And, despite Amouranth pulling out due to health issues, he’s managed to put together a record-breaking stream.

Ibai has outdone himself, topping his own Twitch all-time viewership record with La Velada del Año 3, a boxing event that mainly features some of the biggest streamers on the platform.

Ibai tops his own Twitch viewership record

For a long time, big esports events held the top spots when it came to Twitch’s biggest livestreams. High-stakes tournaments in games like League of Legends and Counter Strike pulled in massive viewership. While those tournaments still hold their spot as some of the most viewed streams on Twitch, creator-led events have taken the platform by storm.

Ibai has a reputation for trying to push Twitch streaming to the next level with high-production value events that come close to what’s offered on major television broadcasts.

The effort of him and his team has paid off in spades, with him holding the record for most viewership on Twitch with his La Velada del Año 2 boxing event. Now, the third edition of that event has allowed Ibai to break his own record.

Ibai La Velada del Año 3

On top of his massive Twitch viewership, Ibai’s event was hosted in an arena filled with thousands of fans. He went over his previous peak viewership record with 3.4 million viewers, with the next closest livestream being Grefg’s stream where he revealed his Fortnite skin to 2.4 million live viewers. While that number is impressive, Ibai has Grefg beaten by almost a million viewers.

This Twitch streaming giant has not only put on events like these but has also co-founded the esports organization KOI. KOI is a team that competes in some of the biggest esports in the world like League of Legends.

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