Lionel Messi calls out Spanish streamer Ibai during surprise Twitch appearance

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Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos sent fans into a frenzy after soccer legend Lionel Messi appeared on his livestream, the soccer great calling out Ibai for sharing their text message conversations during a previous stream.

Ibai Llanos is a Spanish Twitch streamer and well-known influencer. While the content creator streams a variety of content, he is best known for his League of Legends coverage, sports, and just chatting content.

As one of the most popular and well-known Spanish streamers across the world, Ibai has amassed a legion of fans and followers. With currently over 15.3 million subscribers on Twitch, Ibai is watched by many. And while he is well-known throughout the streaming community, Ibai also has some famous connections and friends. One such being one of the greatest soccer players of all time in Lionel Messi.

While Ibai has revealed that the two have texted before and even read out some of these texts, he recently had the soccer legend appear briefly during a stream. The content creator also uploading a clip of the exchange on Twitter.

While the two exchanged words in Spanish, many have translated the conversation across Reddit

Ibai opened up the conversation by sharing his congratulations to Lionel Messi after winning the Ballon d’Or for the eighth time. And while Messi does thank him, the soccer legend is quick to reveal that he is actually “pissed” at Ibai, adding that he didn’t “like what [he] did the other day.”

When Ibai then questions what Messi is talking about, he then confirms that it is in regard to an earlier stream in which Ibai read out a text exchange between the two of them. “Now I won’t reply to you anymore- Now I won’t reply to you anymore because you make everything public…You have no privacy. I replied to you with good vibes and you aired out everything.”

Ibai was quick to reply, adding that he “erased it” and reassured Messi that everything was “pixelated.” Messi then jokingly adds that, “next time I won’t reply to you. I’ll leave you to read next time.” Ibai then tries to turn the conversation back towards Messi, asking him how it feels to win the Ballon d’Or once again.

However, Messi chose to ignore the change in conversation, simply replying, “Oh, this motherf**ker changing topics now, huh?”

Time will tell if Messi appears again during Ibai’s stream. However, those who love the Spanish streamer and Messi have been going crazy online about this moment.

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