How to buy Logan Paul’s 99 Originals NFT: Release date & prices

Jacob Hale
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Logan Paul’s 99 Originals NFT brings 99 polaroids from Paul’s escapades around the world, the “most significant moments of my life captured on tangible film.” Here’s how you can buy his 99 Originals NFTs and the cost of each one.

99 Originals isn’t your typical NFT project, with thousands of Ape-themed profile picture types of images. Instead, Logan wanted to provide something more unique and personal to his fans.

Compiling 99 Polaroid images from 99 days of his life, where he “broke bones, witnessed miracles, nearly severed my family, experienced substance addiction, traveled with the world’s wealthiest, fell in love (more than once) [and] lived dangerously in the present.”

Logan will be selling each image one by one, with each one going to auction — meaning there’s no set price for the NFTs. Here’s how you can get your hands on one and, after launch, how much each one sells for.

Logan Paul 99 Originals sale prices

NFT Name/Number Price ETH/USD Description
#1 Original_One 25 ETH/$58,631 Digital art pioneer, Mike Winkelmann (“Beeple”), stands in front of his HUMAN_ONE NFT at Christie’s Auction House in NYC. It sold for $28.9M days later.
#1442 Bored Ape 46.5 ETH/$104,286 A real-life recreation of the #1442 Bored Ape, owned by Logan himself.
#31 Mike Tyson’s Pigeons 22 ETH/$44,000 Mike Tyson plays with his pigeons outside his home in Las Vegas.
#41 The April Fool 37.69 ETH/$78,416 “… as soon as we touched down in Reykjavik, we rushed to the Blue Lagoon to take a photo of me with my blue suit and cast. Unprovoked, our host began detailing the rich history of Iceland. ‘You’re in Iceland bro. You’re in a fairy tale.’ It’s true. I consider this place a dreamscape…” (to be continued)
#9 EXIT MY ORBIT 28 ETH/$56,792 “However, I had less than zero desire to go party tonight… or have sex. Like I said, low libido. All we wanted to do was go spin a sparky ball of fire and make cool Polaroids. I think we got one tonight…” (to be continued)
#85 The Last Blockbuster 30.5 ETH/$63,652 “‘So you documented the last one in the country, eh? You’re not the first, and you won’t be the last. You should’ve been alive in the 80s. This was THE place to come on Friday and Saturday nights.’ – Marc, our Uber driver on the way out of Bend, Oregon
#92 CANNIBAL 13 ETH/$26,230 “‘Albino alligators are extremely rare. Biologists estimate there are only about 100 existing in the world. They are the offspring of parents that carry the recessive gene for albinism, meaning they do not have the ability to create melanin to color their skin or eyes.” We took over 100 Polaroids today, and there are only 2/3 that I like. This work is occasionally just a numbers game…” (to be continued)
#4 /20 Cheech & Chong 12 ETH/$24,736 The Godfathers of marijuana, Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong, share stories about their prolific film and media careers while rolling joints at an indoor Cannabis facility.
#45 six naked men in the woods 22 ETH/$43,581 “We cackled like idiots as we stripped down to our birthday suits, standing side by side in the same wilderness that I cherished so much in my youth…” (to be continued)
#15 Fortune Favors The BOLD 26.69 ETH/$53,519 “We’re constantly experimenting with the Polaroid’s capabilities, and light painting has become one of my favorite techniques… but this was a complete accident.”
#17 somewhere warm Sold on LiquidMarketplace/Unknown Value In the metaverse, we’re experiencing the beginning of our second lives. In a moment’s notice, we can be anyone and anywhere… so who will you be?
#5 THANK YOU GARY Gifted directly to Gary Vaynerchuk Thank you Gary V for inspiring and motivating a generation of believers…. the ripple effect of your influence will be felt for generations to come.
#76 LIFE & DEATH 28.88 ETH/$59,672 “… and just like that, everything can be taken from you…” (to be continued)
#73 FLIGHTLESS 21.5 ETH/$42,074 “A rainbow. Just behind the plane. It stamped the sky for no more than 15 seconds. I ran to the left, framed the shot, and snapped three images, HOPING that the rainbow would show up on this unpredictable camera. Divine timing…” (to be continued)
#89 GIRLS WANT GIRLS 18.7 ETH/$36,603 “… Ironically, she had already taken a photo kissing one of her girlfriends there, so this wasn’t anything new to her. I winced in pain upon snapping each of these images (my right index finger had to press the shutter), attempting to take as many as I can before the sun retreated behind the Wall. I chose black and white film because of the Berlin Wall’s history, and I liked the juxtaposition of same-sex intimacy with a vintage filter…” (to be continued)
#68 PARTNERS IN PRIME 34 ETH/$59,620 After years of heated rivalry and multiple sold out boxing matches, KSI & Logan Paul come together to enjoy their new business venture, Prime Hydration.
#8 NFTs = nice fkn titties 60.69 ETH/$107,000 A simple explanation of NFTs.
#20 ORANGE SUNSHINE 26 ETH/$46,700 “50 years ago, my Ranch was raided by the FBI. A group of hippies known as ‘The Brotherhood Of Eternal Love’ had mass produced over 100M tabs of acid on this land… The FBI arrested 7 people and confiscated all of the Hippie Mafia’s notorious and extremely popular strand of LSD, Orange Sunshine.”
#66 painting red flags white 22.2 ETH/$42,758 “You know what type of girl she is. You’re the one painting red flags white.”
#67 Fountain of Youth 21.34 ETH/$41,371 “Imagine you could live forever… how would that change your way of life? Would you feel any reason to get out of bed? Our lives are finite — we have boundaries set by natural law, and we must work within them. When the boundaries are seemingly broken, we rejoice…” (to be continued)
#86 A 99 YEAR OLD WOMAN 23 ETH/$41,795 Nearly a centenarian, my neighbor’s mother moved to the USA from Belgium in 1957.
#56 UP DOG 21.7 ETH/$39,458 “Thor ended up slipping out of his collar and we watched a jumble of balloons the size of a small shack float off into the distance…” (to be continued)
#46 THE WORLD’S A STAGE =) 26 ETH/$45,693 … and the show must go on.
#40 4 ERROR 165 ETH/$298,293 Page not found.
#69 AN UNOFFICIAL DECLARATION OF LOVE 24.69 ETH/$44,818 “I really enjoyed spending time with you yesterday. You look really good, not just looks (obviously you’re extremely handsome) but your overall energy and aura. You are emanating with tranquility and happiness.”
#23 TWO TABS OF LSD 24.5 ETH/$45.465 We arrive to the Ranch after sundown, capturing Original #23 just as the full moon peaks over the ridge. I light my subject (equipped with a katana and eery mask) using the spotlights on my pick-up. Music blasts on full volume, echoing between the surrounding mountains. Whiskey keeps us warm as we dance through the night.
#63 CHARLIE 26 ETH/$47,160 “When you capture a moment on Polaroid, it’s generally understood that it’s unaltered and unedited. What you see is what you get; the purest form of authenticity. Every frame counts. I believe these inherent limitations make capturing the moment much more special — it’ll never happen again, and there’s no way to manufacture it.” (to be continued)
#54 Pizza Tortoise 18.22 ETH/$32,455 I didn’t account for the pizza cooling off and the crust losing its malleability, so it was unable to properly “drape” and make a flush dome on the turtle’s shell. Turns out it’s not easy to coordinate a giant pizza on a tortoise’s back in the Hills.
#70 HIGH SCHOOL CRUSH 13.69ETH/$24,493 “We got along like not a day had passed, one thing led to another, and before I knew it, she was sitting on my face for a good twenty minutes. As I concluded my performance and thought things were really gonna heat up, she said “we can move slow,” which is odd because I’ve never had anyone sit on my face then suggest we should move slow immediately after. Quite the tactic, and I respect it. It was so nice seeing her and I got to open a box (literally) that I hadn’t opened in so long.”
#16 A DEMOLITION OF THE THIRD METACARPAL 37 ETH/$62,093 “As I used my momentum to punch through the bag, I could feel my closed fist make contact with the napkins taped on the column. I knew immediately I had done exactly what the bartender warned me about. Unable to move my hand and clocking my worst score yet, my ego had once again driven me to the destruction of self.” (to be continued)
#61 RECOVERY ROOM 25 ETH/$37,850 “I knew I’d be directing this scene while half-conscious, still coming down from the drugs with a brand new 40 mm titanium screw in my right hand. She put on the shiny burgundy wig and matching nurse attire we picked up at Hollywood Toys & Costume the day before. Something about a disobedient red headed nurse felt provocative to me. Although the cause of this incident was pure recklessness, I had no intention of changing my behavior, even in my very first moments of consciousness… and that’s what I wanted to capture.” (to be continued)
#87 “people like memories, I guess” 25 ETH/30,698 “… The old school Defender, for example, was rented solely for transportation. But, it looked beautiful cruising along the Icelandic highway, and I snapped a few photos while my friends hung out the window. Smiling as we shuffled through the photos that night, I inquired… ‘Why do you think people like Polaroids so much?’ ‘People like memories, I guess’ Yes, they do…” (to be continued)
#81 INVISIBLE HOUSE 25.43 ETH/$30,938 The Invisible House is magnificent. The inside is incredibly modern, featuring a big open space with upscale concrete and futuristic vibes. On the outside, reflective mirrors panels make it look like it’s been painted onto the landscape.
#19 who am i 40.25 ETH/$44,577 “9:30a. Full of peace as we drive to the Geneva airport. Looking out the window at the dreary Swiss landscape. The fog, cloud, rain and snow haven’t left since I jumped off the mountain. I’ve almost completed this body of work… a lifetime of memories in 99 days.” (to be continued)
#59 THE GIVING TREE 47.59 ETH/$52,743 “For old time’s sake, we visited our Elementary school (or at least the land where it stood — it was leveled and replaced with a newer school), and had one more race to the tree. Twenty years ago on this same path, I discovered my athleticism and competitive spirit. It was incredibly nostalgic and fun. Mac and I laughed hysterically as we crossed the finish line, me in first place of course, this time documented on video.” (to be continued)
#39 “A 922 lb LIGER IS HUNGRY” 25 ETH/$26,998 “A liger. It’s pretty much my favorite animal. It’s like a lion and a tiger mixed, bred for its skills in magic.” – Napoleon Dynamite
#88 HOLLYW( . )( . )D 24.2 ETH/$22,129 Home of fake t*ts and real a*sholes
#42 THE CIRCLE OF LIFE 16.69 ETH/$18,100 “At its core, art has always been about the story that’s told — the story of the artist, the context of a piece’s creation, the narrative that for so long has been created and crafted by a small circle of critics and collectors. NFTs are still about narrative, but now it’s the narrative that we all create” (to be continued)
#75 EPHELIDES 15 ETH/$17,526 “The sun came through the clouds at just the right moment, and we laughed at the perfect irony of the vintage red vehicles that matched Kelsey’s hair. Still unsure of my ability as a photographer (because after all, what the fuck am I doing?), I would come to realize: With instant photography, there’s so much beauty in accepting that what has happened, happened, just the way it was supposed to.” (to be continued)
#53 LO ULTIMO QUE VERAN TUS OJOS 65.82 ETH/$70,790 “We had been at our post for no longer than 5 minutes before a massive herd of fallow deer charged over the hill, running from the hunter at the neighboring post. “TIRA TIRA TIRA!” (which translates to “SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT!”) screamed our guide. I stood, perplexed by his rudimentary strategy to spray at a group of deer WHILE they were moving. This was not the hunting I was used to, and these Spaniards were crazy… If I shoot, I shoot to kill.” (To be continued)
#74 SALVADORIAN PYRAMID 22.22 ETH/$24,288 “At the end of the ceremony, the Elder received a download and relayed it to us. Something along the lines of: technology and innovation is more powerful now than ever, and those of us who are adopting and utilizing it for good are “on the right path” … and he, too, believed we could change the world. And we will.” (To be continued)
#18 THE PRBLM CHiLD 23.859 ETH/$29,092 “Got to sleep, chill, relax, and spend some time with Jake. I love being the brother who isn’t fighting. I get to reap all the benefits of the events and the fun and the action without having to do the physical work. And since Jake is on a boxing tear, I’ve been having the time of my life. I have to admit, it’s very nice. I hope Jake takes a break after this next fight and enjoys himself for a while.” (to be continued)
#21 MR. BEAST’S FIRST SIP 15.88 ETH/$19,157 “I remember my knees were shaky when I took the first picture of Jimmy. After all, I had gotten my first Polaroid camera just hours earlier and my ‘magnum opus’ was about to begin its execution. I had to think of a moment on the spot because we managed to convince him to go out with us…” (to be continued)
#78 A VERY LIBERATING EXPERIENCE 14.69 ETH/$18,001 “I can pretty much guarantee that Dave never expected to be running naked along the Black Sand Beach, but life is full of surprises. I often encourage my friends to escape their comfort zone and enjoy the oddities of life; I’m lucky they’re as adventurous and crazy as I am. We really do have a special little group of misfits.” (to be continued)
#48 “DON’T DIE FOR ME, LIVE FOR ME” 15.59 ETH/$18,684 “Watching the zest in Mike’s eyes when he talked about his wife moved the entire room. ‘A real women,’ he said as he attributed HER as the reason for his ability to weather the harshest conditions on our planet. She was his home base. His beacon. The image in his head that he’d picture in his darkest moments in the vast expanse of the Arctic, or the Congo, or the Pacific Ocean. Crossing that door step home and hugging his wife and two daughters, who would watch their comms every day, hoping they wouldn’t get the distress signal — after all, they were the ones who coordinated and planned his trips with him.” (to be continued)
#7 REMAIN CIVIL 18.87 ETH/$21,820 “This project has changed my entire energy. I really stopped caring what people think. I stopped worrying about everyone else’s agenda. Or what they’re doing, or if I’m going to fall behind. This project is really helping me find myself. Every day is intentional with an objective to complete. And completing objectives, tasks, etc. is SUCH an easy way to stay fulfilled, to give your life purpose.” (to be continued)
#12 THE MOUNTAIN 14.1 ETH/$15,688 “Two days after the idea’s inception and an impromptu podcast with Thor in Reykjavik, we were in the farmer’s barn with a beautifully groomed sheep. Thor was enthusiastic and honored. So was I. We had one of the biggest figures in the fitness industry walking a f**king giant sheep in a random barn in Iceland…” (to be continued)
#57 INSATIABLE 13.97 ETH/$14,124 “We returned to this cute little turquoise oasis in Puerto Rico today and tried to take these stills for a second time. My subject would float around in the glass-like water, comfortable being exposed because it was nestled so far back in the woods. Minus the sound of my shutter and the Polaroid spitting out the final image, it was so quiet and peaceful. There was a single fish, about a foot long with a dark complexion, that ruled these waters. I could watch him for hours, and I did on some days when we’d come here to relax. This spot felt like a little secret.” (to be continued)
#95 BREAKING POINT “I’m hung over in the seat of this train, my hand is broken, and we’ve run out of weed. Unable to waste a single second of this 99 day journey, we scurried to Berlin that same day and rushed to the East Gallery of the Berlin Wall. It’s apparent that my unhealthy behavior (drinking, smoking, not sleeping, screaming all the time, being reckless) has finally caught up to me. My lifestyle is beginning to affect my long-term health, and my career.” (to be continued)

Logan Paul 99 Originals release date & how to buy

Initially slated for Monday, April 17, Paul postponed the launch of his collection for a couple of weeks before the first piece went live on Monday, May 9 on

Every day, at least one Original will be auctioned on the main page of All auctions will run for 24 hours, with a 15-minute reset timer for bids placed within the last 15 minutes.

To place a bid you need to connect your Wallet. You will only be able to place a bid if you have enough Ethereum (ETH) in your wallet, plus extra ETH to cover gas fees.

Your bid also has to be 10% more than the current bid amount. Once you place a successful bid, your ETH will be held in escrow until you are outbid.

logan paul 99 originals header
99 Originals is a different kind of NFT project.

The first 99 Originals NFT went live on Monday, May 9, with at least one going live every day after that until all 99 have been sold. Additionally, Logan revealed that 100% of the proceeds from the sale of #1 Original_One will go to the war relief effort in Ukraine.

It’s unclear how much they’ll each end up going for, but expect there to be a lot of ETH changing hands throughout this process.

We will make sure to update this page every time an auction ends so you can see exactly how much each image sells for. In the meantime check out our exclusive interview with Shahan Khoshafian, the buyer of the very first Originals NFT.

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