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Logan Paul tells Gary Vee he’s actually open to fight Jake Paul

Published: 4/May/2022 17:12

by Dylan Horetski


Logan Paul told Gary Vaynerchuk why he’s open to a boxing fight with his brother Jake Paul in the latest episode of Impaulsive.

Logan and Jake Paul began their internet stardom as Vine creators before moving to YouTube, boxing, wrestling, and even NFTs.

When it comes to boxing, many people have wondered whether or not Logan and Jake will get in the ring together.

On the May 3 episode of IMPAULSIVE, Gary Vee brought up the question — and explained to Logan Paul why he should fight his younger brother if given the chance.

Logan Paul and Jake Paul sitting by pool
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Logan and Jake Paul have been making content together for almost 10 years.

Gary Vee tells Logan why he should fight Jake

Gary Vee brought up the topic of boxing, asking Logan if he would ever get in the ring again. He added to the question seconds later, asking the YouTuber if he would ever box his younger brother, Jake Paul.


Logan replied: “Maybe.” Seconds later, Vaynerchuk explained why he thinks Logan should fight his brother if the opportunity pops up.

“If definitely believe in your soul that you’re gonna win, you should do it,” Gary explained. “I think there is a sub-conscious, mental advantage that older brothers have. It would be everything to Jake [to try to win], but for Logan, it would be nothing. [The event] would be so big.”

(Topic starts at 1:57:05 in the video)

Logan responded to Gary’s comment: “That’s why it excites me. I don’t think [a fight with Jake] is replicable on a scale like this, ever. It’s like some history in the making, in the textbook type of s**t.”


While it’s unknown whether or not a Logan vs Jake Paul fight will ever happen, it seems like the elder of the two is completely down for it.

In the meantime, Jake is set to make his return to boxing on August 13, 2022, although his opponent has yet to be announced.