How SSSniperWolf gets more views on YouTube than MrBeast

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Paddy Galloway SSSniperwolf MrBeast

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is one of YouTube’s biggest content creators. However, the throne is being rivaled by Lia ‘SSSniperWolf’ Shelesh, and YouTuber Paddy Galloway knows the reason why. 

MrBeast has more than 70 million subscribers across his numerous YouTube channels. However, his viewership numbers are being rivaled by a YouTuber who has only a third of that amount.

According to an analysis by Paddy Galloway, a YouTuber with 200,000 subs himself, he believes SSSniperWolf — a Call of Duty player turned reaction channel star — has cracked the code.

“SSSniperwolf has gone from a Call of Duty gamer girl to the biggest reaction channel on YouTube,” he said. “And listen to this, right now she’s getting more monthly views than MrBeast’s main channel. 

“Now, of course, she uploads more videos,” he added. “But it still poses an interesting question. What is SSSniperWolf doing that is different [from] other YouTubers?” He concluded it all boils down to three simple factors.

Paddy Galloway SSSniperwolf MrBeast

Factor One: Making Evergreen Videos

The first point he mentions is that she switched to making evergreen videos. “She has managed to make her channel an evergreen machine,” he said. “[They’re] videos that don’t have an expiry date. 

“It doesn’t matter if the viewer sees the video seven days after it was uploaded or seven months. The content is still relevant and interesting,” he added. “The majority of Lia’s uploads in recent years have this trait, which is why they continue to pull in residual views over time.”

“A lot of reaction channels are based around the latest trend or meme. But Lia essentially reacts to evergreen content herself,” he said. “She curates a list of highly viral videos from social media, YouTube, or TikTok, and then builds an evergreen theme around them.”

Paddy Galloway SSSniperwolf MrBeast

Factor Two: Trapping The Viewer

The second point he mentions is that she “traps the viewer in her content.”  He says, “it’s important to squeeze as much watch time as your viewer as possible. Lia does this by eliminating her exit points, which are moments in a video that cause people to leave.”

Some examples of her doing that include a three-second intro, getting into the reaction early, cutting all bridging sentences, and dynamic editing with fast-paced cuts, zooms, and effects.

Paddy Galloway SSSniperwolf MrBeast

Factor Three: Becoming A Clickbait Master

The third and final point he mentions is that she’s become a clickbait master. She uses vivid colors in her thumbnails mixed with images that evoke a sense of curiosity. However, more importantly, she uses dramatic expressions such as being puzzled, shocked, and happy.

“Combing these three aspects makes SSSniperwolf’s thumbnails irresistible for her audience. Think about it. The bright colors capture your attention, the emotion draws you in, and the source image means you just have to click to find out,” he said.

Paddy Galloway is adamant that these three factors are the main reason why SSSniperwolf’s channel has eclipsed MrBeast’s — at least, in monthly views.

It’s not because of her appearance or because of ‘simps.’ It’s because she’s figured out a way to beat the YouTube algorithm, or rather, get the most out of it.