MrBeast prank calls Dream to pitch gross video idea

Alex Tsiaoussidis
MrBeast Dream Prank Call
YouTube: MrBeast Shorts

MrBeast prank called Minecraft YouTuber Dream and pitched a gross video idea involving a bunch of poop, and it grossed him out to the point where he hung up the phone.

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is best known for doing insane giveaways. However, he’s also a prankster at heart and loves to have a good laugh.

He recently branched out onto YouTube Shorts and has been uploading short videos that have the potential to go viral. And in his latest one, he pranked called Minecraft YouTuber Dream and pitched a gross video idea that drove him to hang up the phone.

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YouTube: MrBeast
MrBeast’s YouTube content often revolves around insane giveaways.

“I am prank calling Dream. I literally just hit call. We are calling him. Dream Official,” he said. He held the phone in front of the camera to show viewers it was ringing.

“What up, Dream? I wanted to run a video idea by you, okay?” he added. “Next week, we want to go to a school, and we just want to take a bunch of poop and smear it all over every desk in the school.”

“What?” replied Dream. He was confused and not enthusiastic about the idea. Meanwhile, Karl Jacobs, who was sitting in the background, cupped his hands over his face and tried to contain his laughter.

“Yeah! Like, save up our poop for like a week straight,” said MrBeast. “Hear me out. Trust me. There’s a good plot twist.”

“What is wrong with you?” replied Dream. “I’m about to hang up!”

“No, so we smear it, and then when the teachers come in, we just stack all the desks and blockade the door,” said MrBeast. “What are your thoughts? I think it’s a banger.”

But instead of a response, all he heard was three loud beeps. Dream wasn’t having a bar of it and hung up the phone.

“He hung up!” said MrBeast, laughing. Karl was even jumping up and down in the background. It seems like they got the reaction they wanted.

MrBeast and Dream have crossed paths many times before, which is no surprise since they’re two of the biggest YouTubers on the platform.

They’ve even done Minecraft speedrun challenges together. So, it’s reasonable to assume they’re pretty good friends.

Still, it seems like MrBeast’s poop-smearing idea was too much for Dream to handle. He noped out of the call as quickly as he could.