Hololive star Noir Vesper returns following two-week suspension

Hololive VTuber Noir Vesper looking upYouTube: Noir Vesper

Holostars member Noir Vesper has finally returned following his two-week suspension handed down by Hololive. The TEMPUS member apologized for his actions after fans suspected the worst with a slight delay in his return.

Noir Vesper, one of the debuting members of Holostars’ English branch, was struck down with a surprising suspension on November 19 for “internal misconduct”.

With the star notably absent from a number of collaborations and forcing some tight schedule changes, including pushing back an anticipated Dungeons & Dragons session with his genmates, he returned on December 7.

“I’m back everyone, I’m really sorry if I made you worry,” Vesper said.

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The 18 days between messages online were slightly longer than the 14 day ban he received, but the star worked to ease fears about any worse punishment for his actions.

Vesper also cryptically opened up on the details of his absence, stating while “the suspension caused inconvenience to other talents such as TEMPUS… the reason for the suspension itself was not because of the inconvenience to other talents.”

He opened up on some more details during his return stream on December 8.

“I got suspended, straight up, because I lost my temper,” he added. “This goes back to my family [who he visited during the break]. They were able to ground me a little bit. My quick temper is, by a very wide margin, the worst part of who I am.

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“I used to have a straight-up bad temper when I was a young lad. It took a long time, and a lot of therapy, for me to get better at that. I improved it, and I got cocky. I thought ‘I don’t have a temper anymore, I’m older, I’m wiser’ but I do.

“There is a difference between getting angry and losing your temper. You can be angry and still communicate effectively, try to solve problems, be mature and wise. You can do that while being angry, but when you lose your temper…

“At the end of the day, the people who suffered the most for it was the Vesties [his fans]. That’s what I was thinking about. It’s different than when I was just by myself… it was just me who would be paying for it. Now I can’t do that anymore, because my life is completely different now.

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“I’ve learned. I cannot assume things are the way they have always been, and I can continue acting the way that I’ve acted, because things are different. I have responsibilities to a lot of people, and I have to keep better control of my actions, and I will do that.”

Numerous VTubers welcomed Vesper back with open arms, including his genmates as well as talents across Hololive, NIJISANJI, and the wider ecosystem.

“Looking forward to working with you more,” Cover Corp and Hololive CEO Motoaki ‘YAGOO’ Tanigo said.

“Welcome back bro! We missed ya,” TEMPUS leader Regis Altare added. Fellow genmate Axel Syrios used slightly different verbiage: “Welcome back Pops.”

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The exact reasoning behind Vesper’s suspension, however, remains unknown. It’s unlikely it’ll ever be disclosed, with the star looking to move forward by making up for his two-week absence and getting back into all activities.