Hololive and NIJISANJI join forces to stop VTuber “slander and defamation”

Hololive and NIJISANJI logos togetherNIJISANJI / Hololive

VTuber agency giants Hololive and NIJISANJI have joined forces to tackle “slander and defamation” in the community. The two companies gave a statement in unity, thanking fans for supporting their content while also outlining how they’ll stop harassment.

Hololive and NIJISANJI are VTubing’s two biggest agencies. The Japanese groups are home to nearly 300 talents between them, all of them being viral hits in their own rights. 

While they’ve collaborated before on the screen, the two companies behind them ⁠— Cover Corp and ANYCOLOR ⁠— are joining forces off it to try and combat “slander and defamation” against their respective talents.

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In a joint statement on December 5, both agencies thanked fans for “enjoying the various content that we provide.

“However, on the other hand, we condemn the fact that the reputation or trust of virtual livers and talents that are affiliated with our companies are being unnecessarily tarnished, and we truly regret that acts of defamation and the like are being committed by certain individuals with the intention of unjustly interfering with VTuber activities.”

The two have historically gone alone on the issue, supporting their respective companies only. By joining forces, Cover Corp and ANYCOLOR “intend to go even further by cooperating with other companies in accordance with the circumstances and matters at hand.”

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Axia Krone NIJISANJI VTuberYouTube: Axia Krone
Both agencies have had to deal with online harassment in the past, most recently in the case of NIJISANJI’s Axia Krone and his graduation.

This includes cracking down on defamation, privacy infringement, trolling on social media, and stalking in real life.

“We will be sharing know-how to execute countermeasures,… which includes taking legal action, and structuring a system where we can work together with the police and other companies.”

Both Hololive and NIJISANJI have already been cooperating for months, revealing they have taken down a number of “summary sites that we have determined to have posted information that tarnished the reputation or trust of our affiliated virtual livers and talents.”

NIJISANJI’s task force dedicated to stamping out harassment has dealt with dozens of cases since its inception in September 2021, while Hololive has also been known to deal with unruly comments behind closed doors.

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It comes after NIJISANJI VTuber Axia Krone graduated last week due to harassment he faced from both passionate fans and his detractors, while Hololive’s Laplus Darkness is taking an extended break for mental health reasons.

Both companies are hoping to avoid such instances in the future, so VTubing can be safer for all.

“By the two companies working together this time around and going forward to carry out various countermeasures, we have taken a great step forward toward creating an environment where affiliated virtual livers and talents can comfortably engage in their activities.”