Hasan blasts “gremlin” Adin Ross for banning him from Kick

hasan-blasts-gremlin-adin-ross-kick-banYouTube: Adin Live, HasanAbi

Twitch star Hasan is putting Adin Ross on blast after the streamer revealed that he’d preemptively banned both him and Mizkif from Kick.

The streaming wars are heating up as Twitch faces backlash from all sides after introducing its new guidelines for branded content on June 6.

As a result, a slew of top streamers have threatened to leave the site altogether if these changes go through — and other streaming platforms are wanting a piece of the pie.

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Kick is one such platform, where top streamer Adin Ross makes his home alongside Trainwreck and, most recently, BruceDropEmOff.

Adin Ross pointing at camera and smiling in parking lotYouTube: Adin Live
Adin Ross is one of Kick’s top streamers – but despite trying to get other broadcasters to join the site, he says two streamers are not allowed to join.

Although Kick has offered to reimburse partners who wish to end their contracts with Twitch, there are two people in particular that won’t be joining the new site: Hasan and Mizkif.

During a recent broadcast, Adin Ross — who recently claimed that he now owns a percentage of Kick — said that he blocked Mizkif and Hasan from signing up to the competitor platform.

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“There’s only two streamers that are banned from Kick,” he explained to his viewers. “Mizkif, you can’t come. You’re not coming to Kick, bro. I’m sorry, you’re not coming, bro. Me and Bruce don’t want you here, you’re not coming. That’s first. F*ck you. Suck a d*ck.”

“Hasan, you’re not invited either,” he added. “I’m gonna be honest, bro, you’re not coming. Those two are banned. ‘Kay? They cannot come.”

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Hasan caught wind of Adin’s comments and hit back at the Kick streamer in a scathing tweet, calling him a “gremlin” and claiming that he had no intentions of joining the rival platform, anyhow.

“More streaming platforms means Twitch can’t make decisions like the ones from yesterday,” he said. “This will improve the space for streamers and watchers, alike. For that reason, I hope Kick becomes successful, in spite of this little gremlin doing his very best to undermine that.”

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“Having said that, banning me from Kick when I have no intention of going there is pretty funny, like I’m good man, thanks.”

Adin was quick to offer his own reply to Hasan’s post by making mention of his profile photo, which he changed in support of Pride month. “How come for Black History month you didn’t change your profile pic to support that month?” he asked. “I’m just curious, genuinely asking.”

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Mizkif has yet to comment on Adin’s claims of blocking him from Kick — but he’s already made a second home for himself on Rumble, where he streams occasionally while continuing to broadcast regularly on Twitch.