Hasan claps back at Adin Ross over “crypto scam” and gambling as streamers clash again

Hasan and adin Ross side-by-side looking at cameraHasan/Adin Ross

Twitch star Hasan ‘Hasanabi’ Piker hit back at Adin Ross after the Kick streamer suggested he was being hypocritical in blasting him for being in streaming for the money. 

Over the last few months, Hasan and Adin Ross has clashed a number of different times across Twitch and Twitter, with Hasan regularly confronting Adin about his “problematic” content. The political streamer most recently said that Adin is going down a “bad path” with some of his comments. 

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They had stayed out of each other’s way for a while, however, tensions between them kicked off again on March 19 when Hasan stated that he believed Adin was just trying to stay relevant following his Kick deal.

Adin had back at that, claiming he doesn’t need to be relevant after his mega payday, suggesting Hasan was being slightly hypocritical and that he is in the streaming for the money too.

Hasan hits back at Adin Ross over viral relevancy clip

It didn’t take long for the Twitch star to clap back at that, though, as he went off on Adin in a Twitter thread a few hours later. “Bro really said he’s authentically awful actually. I was hoping it was an act tbh,” Hasan replied, noting that his “values” have remained the same since he started streaming and he now just has a bigger audience. 

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“Ironically I quit my job at TYT cus they told me to stop streaming. I got very lucky and it worked. it also worked because love what I do,” he continued, before taking another few swipes at Adin’s deal with Stake. 

“Go look at my hours & compare them to yours. Hard to understand for you since you only care about the money with your crypto scams & gambling sponsors.”

A number of fans urged the two to debate on stream, but that’s pretty unlikely to happen anytime soon.

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Though, the pair will probably continue shots at each other regardless.

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