Hasan labels TikTok the “dumbest social media platform” after surprise ban

Hasan on his streamTwitch: HasanAbi

Twitch streamer and political commentator Hasan Piker has slammed TikTok’s moderation guidelines after receiving a week-long ban from the platform.

TikTok has received a lot of flak from its users over its stricter-than-most content guidelines and now the short form app’s rules are coming under fire from one of the biggest streamers in the world.

Hasan took to another platform to complain about the way the guidelines are upheld and begged for someone to come explain to him exactly what he had done to deserve a ban in the first place.

Why Hasan thinks TikTok is the “dumbest social media platform” in the world

After noticing he was post blocked on August 14, the streamer came on to Twitter to air his grievances.

The screenshot he shared revealed that one of his videos had the audio stripped due to some form of violation, but the sound was promptly restored after an appeal showed that he had done nothing wrong.

There is no other update between that moment and the notification of him being blocked from posting for a week due to “multiple violations” of the aforementioned community guidelines.

“I am losing my f***ing mind with their community guidelines. Make it make sense to me please,” the Twitch superstar pleaded.

While a one-week suspension from posting might not seem like the biggest deal for those on the outside, it’s worth remembering that the 31-year-old has nearly 300k followers on the platform and posts almost daily.

Those videos garner tens of thousands of views each, with many climbing well over the million play mark as well, meaning that he’s losing out on getting in front of new eyeballs every day that the platform blocks him from posting.

Although their methods have constantly drawn the ire of big content creators, it doesn’t seem that TikTok is going to switch up its moderation methods anytime soon.