Hasan dismisses Valkyrae’s call out over RFLCT drama

Sam Comrie
Valkyrae Hasan

Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter continues to deal with the fallout of her RFLCT product launch, with fellow streamer HasanAbi responding after finding himself in her crosshair. 

The launch of Valkyrae’s RFLCT skincare line has made waves across social media with the products coming under fire for their claims about protecting skin from blue-light reflection.

Rae herself has come under intense scrutiny about the products and their claims, responding on two separate occasions to the criticism, and noting that she no longer wants to be involved.

During one of her responses, the 100 Thieves co-owner touched on the fact that not many of her peers had offered too much support, and Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker dropped her DM telling her to relate the drama to some of the sponsorships other streamers had taken.

valkyrae rflct
Valkyrae has been less active on the internet since RFLCT’s launch.

Hasan mocks RFLCT

Valkyrae claimed that she “misinterpreted” what Hasan had meant at first, and apologized when he tweeted: “I don’t log on to twitch for one day and people are yelling at me on Reddit what the hell,” back on October 24. Though, her post has since been deleted.

During her stream with Mizkif, where she further opened up on the controversy and noted that she was initially skeptical about the product itself, Rae jokingly called Hasan a “piece of sh**,” struggling to hold back the laughs as she said it.

As he noted in his first post on the matter, Hasan was unaware of the comments due to personal obligations but after becoming aware of things, he addressed them on stream – initially poking fun at the claims around blue light protection when relating it to his own merch.

He noted that he had spent the day away from social media, only checking late in the day. “All of a sudden I’m seeing people say like, ‘dude, you got owned’. What the f***? Valkyrae owned me?” added Hasan, confused by the barrage of comments.

Even with the surprise of these comments, Hasan dismissed them quickly: “Apparently there was some f****** drama. But like, who gives a f*** really?”

Hasan quickly moved on to other topics on his stream, seemingly putting the drama in the rear-view mirror.

Though, the internet continues to ravage the RFLCT products as it has become the butt of many social media memes.