Hasan, AustinShow & Ranboo left injured after TwitchCon go-kart crash

Carver Fisher
hasan austin ranboo go kart crash TwitchCon

Things got a little crazy during a go-kart race amongst streamers where a collision appears to have left Hasan Piker, Ranboo, and AustinShow injured.

TwitchCon Paris has seen the world’s biggest streamers come together to celebrate the platform in one big get-together where they can meet fans and each other.

However, with so many streamers in one place, it’s no surprise that some of them opted to hang out and explore Paris during the event’s off-hours.

A bunch of streamers opted to do some go-kart racing, only for Hasan, AustinShow, and Ranboo to end up injured.

Go-kart crash at TwitchCon leaves Hasan, Ranboo & AustinShow injured

In what has turned into a bizarre bonding experience for a few of Twitch’s biggest streamers, a go-kart collision has left Hasan, Ranboo, and AustinShow visibly injured.

Fortunately, Hasan and Austin weren’t too seriously hurt. Austin appeared to only have some scrapes on his finger, and, while Hasan still has suspicions that his ribs are broken, he’s still walking around TwitchCon with a bit of road rash and some breathing issues.

It’s still unclear if Hasan has gone to the doctor to make sure his ribs are ok, but he’s still attending TwitchCon as normal and hasn’t had any additional complications at the time of writing.

Ranboo, however, didn’t get off quite as easy.

He posted a video of him being wheeled away in wheelchair. His jeans were cut clean off from the knee-down, assumedly for medical personnel to dress his injury quickly. However, the streamer has assured everyone that he’s doing ok.

These streamers had nothing but words of support for each other following the collision, and it’s turned into a bonding experience for the three of them.

Ranboo has yet to give an update on his condition and whether or not he’s got any injuries beyond surface-level scrapes. This comes just a short time after he suffered severe burns while filming a live show for Twitch, making it a rough year for one of the platform’s biggest streamers.

However, considering the circumstances of the crash and the shared experiences between these three, hopefully they’ll be able to laugh it off and look back on it fondly once they’re all healed up.