Ranboo suffers second-degree burns to his back after accident for Twitch project

ranboo-receives-second-degree-burns-twitch-showTwitter: ranboosaysstuff

Popular Minecraft creator Ranboo says he suffered second-degree burns to his back after an accident while filming his live show on Twitch.

It seems as though more and more top content creators are breaking out from their usual videos and streams to produce major projects like shows, movies, and live events.

For example, YouTube star Markiplier recently revealed that he has just wrapped filming on his first major motion picture, Iron Lung, based on the popular indie horror game of the same name.

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Now, Minecraft creator Ranboo has launched a live show… but he suffered a fairly prominent injury while filming it for his audience on Twitch.

Ranboo gets second degree burns while filming Twitch show

Ranboo is in the middle of his very own show, ‘The Spirit of the Cabin,’ a horror-themed, escape-room style program that is performed live on Twitch over the course of several days.

However, some of the effects and shots for the program are a bit over-the-top — so much so that Ranboo actually got injured while filming.

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On May 24, Ranboo admitted that he received second-degree burns and was sent to the hospital after an effect went haywire. According to the streamer, a wire was left exposed while he was laying down in a bed on set, which burned his back badly enough to warrant a trip to the ER.

“Got back from hospital, minor second degree burns on my back!” he explained. “I’m okay though, it’s nothing too serious. Basically when I lied down the second time, something slightly unplugged and left an exposed wire on my back!”

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He isn’t letting the incident bring him down, though, and seems completely committed to the show no matter what might happen. In a reply to fellow creator Sneegsnag urging him to call it quits if such an accident happens again, Ranboo said, “Bro I’m not stopping the show because of some ‘oh no ouchie!’ Who do you think I am?”

Ranboo is receiving an outpouring of support from his fans and fellow creators, with even the likes of streamer Valkyrae asking him if he was alright.

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Ranboo isn’t the only creator who’s received an injury pursuing the art of their craft lately. In fact, Markiplier claimed he also hurt his back while performing a stunt for his Iron Lung movie earlier this year.

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