Harry Styles’ super fan with a genetic condition binges his music before going deaf

Molly Byrne
Nicole Myers attends a Harry Styles' concerts across the country before going completely deaf.

Nicole Myers, who is a Harry Styles super fan, has plans to binge his music before completely losing her hearing.

Harry Styles, who won Album of the Year at the 2023 Grammys and is one of the most listened-to artists today, may have millions of fans, but there’s one that stands out as one of his most dedicated supporters. 

Nicole Myers, who has a genetic condition that will cause her to go completely deaf, is a Harry Styles fanatic.

Though she’ll eventually lose her hearing, Myers opened up with CBC News about her condition and how she has chosen to predominantly listen to the previous One Direction band member before her hearing is gone.

Nicole Myers and friends who made from being a fan of Harry Styles.
Nicole Myers and friends she made from being a fan of Harry Styles.

Harry Styles fans opens up about fear of losing her hearing

Harry Styles, who just ended his two-year Love on Tour run, had a special guest at not one, not two, but four of his concerts.

Myers, who avidly listens to Styles and will completely lose her hearing due to having two brain tumors on each cochlear nerve, went to four of his recent concerts, as she is unsure when his next string of shows will be.

Myers, having an incurable genetic condition, didn’t want to risk never hearing her favorite British singer on tour, so she traveled all the way to Toronto, California, and London for what could potentially be her last time hearing him perform.

Though she’s been busy attending concerts, Myers had time to get candid in her recent interview with CBC News and opened up about how she fears her condition, saying, “It scares me, I don’t want to be deaf. I don’t want to lose my hearing.”

She then continued to share her feelings on why Harry Styles is the artist she’s focused on most, saying, “It just gets better each time. And my closest friends I’ve met because of becoming a Harry fan. So, it’s just brought so many important things into my life, and like, memories that I’ll remember forever.”

Although Myers is unaware of when her hearing will be completely gone, it’s safe to say that Harry Styles will continue to be a focal point in her life, as she further explained her affinity for the singer, saying, “He’s just brought so much fun into my life, and I love his music.”