Harry Jowsey tells fans to “relax” amid Charly Jordan dating rumors

Charly Jordan and Harry Jowsey togetherInstagram: charlyjordan

Harry Jowsey has responded after rumors started to ramp up of a relationship between himself and TikTok star Charly Jordan — telling fans to “relax” with the speculation.

The Australian former Netflix star, who appeared on ‘Too Hot to Handle’, has established himself as a consistent force in the Los Angeles influencer world, having beef with TikTok star (and Charly Jordan’s former flame) Tayler Holder, as well as having to address rumors that he was dating Khloe Kardashian.

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More recently, though, to kick off 2022, Jowsey has once again been embroiled in the fast-moving rumor mill as fans have spotted him and Jordan looking particularly close.

In mid-February, speculation really started to ramp up as they were spotted together more frequently by paparazzi.

As fans started to discuss whether the two were together or simply very good friends, Jowsey answered a question about his relationship status when doing a Q&A on Instagram.

After being asked if he was in a committed relationship, Jowsey simply said that he is single, seemingly putting to bed any notion of a relationship between himself and Jordan.

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harry jowsey instagram story says he is singleInstagram: harryjowsey
Jowsey claimed he was single in an Instagram story — but later changed his response.

Not long after, though, a popular Instagram page reposted his Story, saying that he has “confirmed that he is single” — but Jowsey actually made a correction in the comments.

“Everyone needs to relax,” he said. “We haven’t put a label on it yet.”

Harry Jowsey saying he wont put a label on charly jordan relationshipInstagram: harryjowsey
Jowsey later gave a response that made fans a little more confused.

This obviously did nothing to dispel the rumors and, if anything, left fans even more confused than they were before.

So while there isn’t officially a label on the Harry Jowsey and Charly Jordan partnership, it’s safe to assume that they’re not exactly single.

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