Josie Canseco reveals reason she rejected insane $400k offer to “stand beside” someone

Instagram: josiecanseco

Influencer and model Josie Canseco has had some very high-profile relationships, including with the likes of Brody Jenner and YouTube extraordinaire Logan Paul, but she’s revealed that she’s also had some very strange offers from around the world — and they really value her time.

Canseco’s relationship with Logan Paul was one that fans really liked and, by all accounts, appears to have ended on good terms, with rumors even resurfacing that they’re back together in February 2022.

Being a model and very popular influencer with over 1.2 million followers on Instagram, you could imagine she gets a lot of lucrative offers from brands as well as celebrities sliding into her DMs.

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But the extent of the offers she receives is truly crazy.

Josie Canseco Instagram photo snake bagInstagram: josiecanseco
Canseco must have received some insane offers over the years.

While appearing on David Dobrik’s VIEWS podcast, Dobrik asked about her DMs and some of the offers she’s received over the years — and it’s safe to say he wasn’t prepared for her response.

“What’s the craziest offers you’ve got to fly to places?” he asked her, when the topic came up. “Like princes from Dubai. The ones that you’ve blown off.”

She said: “I think it was Dubai, I got offered like $400,000 to go and stand alongside someone and I said no. Moral wise, I would literally rather be broke and suffering than crack my morals and do something like that.”

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She added that “you never know getting into that situation” and that she “really hates the idea of a man taking care of her or paying for things for her.”

While $400k is a lot of money just to stand next to someone, it’s not as though Canseco is short of cash, with a successful career herself, so that type of money isn’t quite as tempting.

That said, this is just one example — imagine how much money she might have turned down over the years just from offers like these.