H3H3’s Ethan Klein hits back at Trisha Paytas amid Frenemies host drama

Hannah Van-de-Peer

Ethan Klein has finally reacted to Trisha Paytas’ June 30 apology on the H3 Podcast, and Trisha then responded in a series of now-deleted tweets.

YouTube sensation Trisha Paytas released a 39-minute apology video on June 30, addressing various disputes between Ethan Klein, Hila Klein, and the entire crew of doomed joint venture Frenemies.

Trisha announced their surprise departure from the podcast on June 9. Since then, the YouTuber has centred Ethan in almost every video they’ve posted. They’ve spoken openly about employees’ wages, Ethan’s “uncomfortable” behavior and leaked private messages exchanged between the two.

Trisha appeared to take serious ownership over the ‘Pizzagate’ debacle. “The way I expressed myself was disrespectful,” they said. “And I really apologize.”

They also accepted accountability for various other controversies during their time on Frenemies, including “insulting” remarks addressed to the crew, as well as labelling Hila a “c**t” during a heated debate.

Ethan reacts

After anticipation from fans, Ethan reacted to the video on the July 1 episode of the H3 Podcast. He stated that while “I’m glad she’s apologized, I appreciate that,” he still needs “time before (he) can really move on.”

He emphasized that he accepts their apology, but claimed they attempted to “ruin” his “life,” “reputation” and “business.” He believed that Trisha would’ve said “whatever she wanted” to get the fans on side, and defended himself for releasing the unedited ‘Pizzagate’ episode.

“The only thing that saved me from Trisha… was the fact that all of our fights were put up unedited on Frenemies,” he said. “I don’t want to be in a situation where it’s my word vs. hers.”

While reflecting on Trisha’s targeted actions up until now, Ethan commented “it scares me.”

(Topic begins at 38:24)

Trisha claps back

In a now-deleted series of tweets, Trisha tweeted: “Respect and am (sic) fine with him not accepting my apology.” They dispute Ethan’s claim that the apology was impersonal.

“I’d just like to clarify I did personally apologize before the video came out,” the YouTuber tweeted, along with a screenshot of an apparent apology text to Ethan.

After swiftly deleting the tweets, Trisha insisted that they “do want all of this to be over.” Then, claimed that they will no longer be making any public comment on the situation.


Fans were quick to question the legitimacy of Trisha’s screenshots, with one asking why the contact name was crossed out along with previous texts.

“Is she just straight up lying?” the Twitter user said, while another added: “Is it just me or did he text her first?”

It seems that both Ethan and Trisha are trying to get the last word in, which begs the question, is reconciliation possible?

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