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H3H3 blasts “scumbag” Jaystation for allegedly faking girlfriend’s death

Published: 26/Jan/2020 1:36 Updated: 25/Feb/2020 15:01

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber “Jaystation” has come under fire for allegedly faking the death of his own girlfriend — something that Ethan Klein, member of YouTube comedy duo H3H3, isn’t too fond of.

Jaystation, known across the online entertainment space for his divisive videos (which include him holding ‘seances’ with deceased celebrities), has once again sparked controversy for another contentious upload.

The YouTuber, who currently boasts over 5.5 million subscribers, claimed that his girlfriend Alexia had been killed by a drunk driver, as told in his emotional January 22 video titled, “My Girlfriend Alexia has died… *Rest in Paradise*.”

However, her purported death was hotly contested, as another video had been posted to his second channel that features a very much alive Alexia.

Due to this fact and his storied past, many criticized Jaystation for appearing to falsify his partner’s death for views. One of his biggest critics has been Ethan Klein, who went on a brutal rant during an episode of his H3H3 podcast with wife Hila Klein.

While the outrage surrounding Jaystation is no secret, Klein was firm on his stance on the subject, labeling the YouTuber as “scum” and entertaining the idea that the entire storyline had been fabricated to gain subscribers.

“He’s just driving subs!” Ethan noticed as Jaystation said he’d been “so close” to reaching one million subscribers on his secondary channel. “What a f**king scumbag! He’s barely talking about her. …This guy would murder his own grandma if it got him more subscribers.”

The duo also speculated that Jaystation would bring Alexia “back from the dead” after a short break, further adding to his already bursting portfolio of purported ‘seances’ and talks with late celebrities — or pinning her death on their possible breakup.

“He’s the trashiest person, not [just] on YouTube, but possibly alive today,” Klein said of the YouTuber.

With Jaystation even uploading a video visiting his girlfriend’s memorial site, it comes as little surprise that critics are either accusing him of monetizing her passing or faking a serious matter for views, adding yet another chapter to his list of questionable uploads.


TimTheTatman rage quits after finding three fishing rods in Fortnite

Published: 5/Dec/2020 1:17

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Fortnite players know all too well what it’s like to land in a hot spot and struggle to find a weapon, including TimTheTatMan, who hilariously rage quit after he found nothing but fishing rods.

Tim ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar has jumped back on the Fortnite bandwagon in Season 5. The latest update has brought a lot of old stars back, and for the most part, the reception has been positive.

In Tim’s case though, it hasn’t been all sunshine and roses. He wanted to enjoy everything the new season has to offer. Instead, all he got was fishing rods and lots of them.

Epic Games Fortnite TimTheTatMan Fishing Pole
TimTheTatman is a talented gamer in his own right, but he’s also hilarious to watch.

TimTheTatman descended onto Salty Towers with his squad, looking for an ideal place to land. Unfortunately, the two vacant rooftops he saw both had fishing rods. “Oh good, a fishing pole, oh good, another fishing pole, okay,”  he said.

He decided to land on a house instead. “If I come in here and there’s a fishing pole, I’m leaving,” he said while breaking into the attic with his pickaxe. “I’m literally not kidding. I’m backing out if there’s a fishing pole in here.”

Fortunately, there wasn’t one in the attic, but there was nothing else either, so he dove a little deeper. He dropped down the staircase, turned left it into the kitchen, and hilariously found another fishing rod staring into his soul.

Epic Games Fortnite TimTheTatMan Fishing Pole
Epic Games
It’s not ideal to find a fishing rod as your first weapon in Fortnite.

Without saying a word, TimTheTatman opened up the menu, quit the game, and placed his hands on his head in disbelief. “I’m not doing it,” he said, as he struggled to find the words to sum up his rage.

“The two guns I was going to land on [were] fishing poles,” he added. “I open up a door and go left, fishing pole. I’ll try again. When you guys are done, I’ll be ready to go again. I’m not going to play that game. I’m not going to do it.”

There’s nothing worse than landing in a spot surrounded by enemies and finding nothing useful.

Still, TimTheTatman’s fans were rolling on the floor laughing after seeing him get so riled up about it. Plus, the fact it happened to be a fishing rod made it even funnier.