xQc provides reassuring update on GTA RP streamer Buddha after brain surgery

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xQc has provided a reassuring update on GTA RP Twitch streamer Lucas ‘Buddha’ Ramos, after he underwent emergency surgery for a bleed on the brain.

GTA RP is one of Twitch’s most popular categories, with thousands of viewers regularly tuning in for the latest role-playing action taking place in Rockstar’s acclaimed title.

One of the game’s most popular streamers is Buddha, is best known for his in-game character ‘Lang Buddha’.

Currently boasting over 820,000 followers on Twitch, the TSM creator continues to lead the way in terms of GTA RP content.

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GTA RP streamer Buddha confirms he will have surgery for bleed on the brain

On November 12, Ramos provided his fans with a concerning update about his health. Initially posting to Discord, he revealed a bleed on the brain is forcing him to undergo emergency surgery and that he will provide further updates in due course, upon completion of the surgery.

He said: “Hey guys don’t feel like typing everything and I’ll explain more in detail but I’ve been in the hospital all night and apparently I have a brain bleed on the left side of my head, and they want to stop the bleeding and drain the blood so I’ll be going into surgery soon.

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“They say they do this procedure daily and it’s their bread and butter so I’ll be awake in a few hours to update everyone more.”

Fans quickly offered their thoughts for the streamer, wishing him the best for the surgery and hoping for a speedy recovery.

Early on November 13, fellow streamer and friend of Buddha, Felix ‘xQc‘ Lengyel, provided a reassuring update for fans.

“I stayed up until like 7am just waiting for updates or whatever,” he explained. “And I was talking to his wife because his phone died. He just went through it, I think they patched him up… he’s recovering.”

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He confirmed the good news in a Discord message, saying: “I’ll let him update people… he’s safe and made it out good. He’s chilling and recovering now. People can have peace of mind about it.”

We will update this piece as more details become available.

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