Who is Buddha? Twitch’s GTA RP king soaring with NoPixel hype

Twitch streamer Buddha and his GTA RP character in-gameTwitch: Buddha

The rise of GTA RP and NoPixel’s 3.0 update has helped shine a light on a number of different content creators, including Buddha, who has risen to become of the most-watched streamers on Twitch.

Over the last few years, GTA RP has had waves of popularity on Twitch thanks to new servers, mod updates, and interesting storylines.

Plenty of well-established variety streamers have jumped on board over time too, and while some have stuck around, many have simply moved on to the next big thing.

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Yet, there is a hardcore base of roleplayers who stick around no matter what. That is unless they get banned, of course. At the top of said list sits Lucas ‘Buddha’ Ramos who, despite being around for years, has exploded in popularity during the rise of NoPixel 3.0.

Twitch: LirikTwitch: Lirik
Lang has been a member of GTA RP’s Leanbois since day one.

The GTA RP streamer’s character, Lang Buddha, has been around since the start of things and picked up some steam on Twitch when streamers first played on the State of Emergency server. As a character, he’s gone through different iterations as well, from being a petty thief and a taxi driver to being a half-business-focused, half-crime-kingpin.

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Like many others, he made the switch to NoPixel a few years ago and has just continued to grow and grow over time. Since the start of 3.0, Buddha has skyrocketed in popularity, racking up close to 600,000 followers, and averaging around 20,000 viewers per stream.

Twitch stats from June were a prime example of his ridiculous ascension. Buddha made it into the top-10 most-watched streamers for the month, clocking in at ninth with over 6.7 million hours of view time just behind the likes of xQc, Summit1g, HasanAbi, Gaules, and Asmongold.

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Who is Lang Buddha in GTA RP?

If you’re looking to get into watching GTA RP and don’t really know where to start, Buddha is a pretty solid choice to follow.

As many regular GTA RP viewers will attest, his character – Lang – offers up some entertaining RP for the whole server through different avenues – be it through crime, his numerous businesses, or coming up with storylines like how to install a mayor of his choice or bring down other groups.

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Plus, aside from his entertaining antics, Buddha’s streams are pretty chill too on the whole, given he’s not as manic or bloodthirsty as others.

What else does Buddha play on Twitch?

While GTA RP is where he’s had his most success, he’s not just locked into playing the multiplayer mod. The Toronto-based streamer has become well known in other circles too, especially Rust and Arma 2.

Just like many other creators, he’s got his own cosmetic in Rust – a golden mask that looks like his channel logo. Aside from playing those, he regularly joins xQc and Trainwrecks in gambling on slots to close out his lengthy daily streams.

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While interest in GTA RP on Twitch might fade away at some point, Buddha has shown time and again that he’s more strings to his bow than just that.

Before long, he’ll have surpassed 600,000 followers and will be well on his way to the next milestone. The sky is the limit.

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