Gross Gore responds to multiple accusations of sexual harassment and physical assault

Virginia Glaze
Twitch / Runefest

League of Legends streamer Ali ‘Gross Gore’ Larsen has been accused of sexual harassment and violent behavior at Runefest 2018.

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A Twitter user by the name of Cath came forward with the allegations in a post, where she stated that the streamer was ‘horrifically sleazy’ and ‘disrespecting everyone’s personal space’ during the event.

Cath wasn’t the only one to come forward with allegations of this sort, either. Runescape streamer Elliot ‘Skiddler’ affirmed her claims, and provided a write-up that described an instance where Gross Gore became violent after Elliot approached him about claims made by multiple women at the event.

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Both he and Gross Gore were escorted away from the scene by police – but Gore denies that he ever incited a brawl.

“I haven’t had a fight since I was eleven,” he stated in a recent livestream explaining his side of the story. “I don’t fight, I don’t believe in fighting, I don’t like fighting. Dumb people get into fights, and smart people don’t.”

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He similarly denied any claims of sexual harassment, blaming any questionable behavior on his ‘flirty personality’ and the current political state of 2018.

“If I have a few drinks, I can come across as a bit flirty,” he argued. “Yes, I have a girlfriend, but my whole personality is very flirty… It’s 2018. Some girls will go… you’re harassing me, you’re sexually harassing me! …This is what happens when we try to publically blend in, we get tarnished.”

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In addition, Gross Gore admitted that he will no longer be attending Runefest, as he doesn’t want to tarnish the game’s community. 

He has also stated that he will no longer speak to women at events going forward.