Gross Gore hits out at fake Snapchat accusing him of abusing daughter

Andrew Amos
Twitter: Gross Gore

Ali ‘Gross Gore’ Larson has warned fans about fake Snapchats of him abusing his daughter circulating, calling it “sick.”

Gross Gore has laid low on Twitch over the last few months to help raise his two-year-old daughter, Ellie Blue. Instead, he’s kept up his profile on Twitter with a number of rants about internet and streaming culture.

However, his latest subject was a lot more personal, defending himself from critics over accusations of poor parenting and warning fans of fake videos accusing the streamer of abusing his daughter.

Twitter: Gross GoreGross Gore’s daughter Ellie is now two years old.

The topic of Gross Gore’s parenting started circulating once again after Ian ‘idubbbz’ Carter’s girlfriend Anisa Jomha criticized the former League of Legends streamer on January 12.

“I want people to know that when [Gross Gore] announced that he was pregnant, I looked at my mom and was like ‘that poor kid is f**king going to grow up in the sh*ttiest home,’ and that was like when she was first pregnant,” she said.

After the clip went viral, Gross Gore came out to defend the treatment of his daughter, saying that he is a supportive father.

“You f**king wish you were my daughter,” he said. “All you f**king streamers out there wish you were my f**king child. Every f**king streamer that sh*t talks me and my kid, you f**king wish you were involved in this family.

“I haven’t streamed in two f**king months and yet you can’t keep my name out of your disgusting mouths. 

“It’s 2020 and all you want to do is sit there and talk about me and f**king drama because your dead little channel has got nothing else good and all you want to do it talk about me. F**king sort it out.”

The supposed harassment hasn’t stopped there, with the streamer receiving allegedly edited videos of him verbally abusing his daughter at home.

“One of you sickos did this,” he said, before playing the allegedly doctored video. “You hear that? Someone’s edited a video of me swearing and overlapped it with my Snapchat and people believe that it’s real. It’s fake, it’s f**king fake.”

The streamer seemed visibly upset in both videos, getting emotional during both rants as he looks to keep aspects of his private life out of the public spotlight.

Gross Gore had his child with streamer girlfriend Rachel back in December, 2017. The two separated briefly in July 2019, but reconciled near the end of the year, describing their rekindled relationship as “open.”

He often shares short clips of him with his daughter to his fans, but otherwise tries to keep her out of his regular run of content across social media.

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