Greekgodx flexes insane weight loss progress live on Mizkif’s stream

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Twitter: Mizkif / Twitch: Mizkif

While Dimitri ‘Greekgodx’ Antonatos hasn’t streamed on Twitch in a while, he’s popped into Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo’s broadcast to show off his incredible weight loss progress after starting his journey back in 2018.

Greekgodx made an appearance on Twitch on January 14 on Mizkif’s stream to have a chat with one of his best friends live. 

While he’s popped in every now and again to talk about his life, getting a visa, and restarting his stream, rarely have they broached the subject of his weight loss.

However, in a show-all moment, Greekgodx flaunted just far he has come, with the once-overweight streamer looking mighty fine.

Twitch: Greekgodx
Greekgodx has come a long way on his weight loss journey since starting back in 2018.

Prompted by Mizkif to show off his progress, Greek took off his shirt and flexed his muscles, much to the amazement of the host and the thousands of fans in chat.

“Damn dude,” exclaimed Mizkif, as he looked upon his friend’s progress in awe. “It’s insane to think what you were and where you are now dude.”

He’s made huge strides since starting his weight loss journey back in April 2018, and he’s looking to keep the progress going by putting on some muscle. “This is all skin, but I can fill it with muscle easy clap,” he said.

Greekgodx started his weight loss journey back in April 2018, starting off at 370 pounds. He broke into the “under 300 club” in April 2019, and has certainly gotten more jacked in the 8 months since.

His initial goal was 250 pounds, and while he didn’t disclose how much he actually weighs, he looks to have smashed it out of the park. He often shared his weight loss journey on Twitch until he stopped streaming back in November.

Instead, he took the progress pictures to Twitter, sharing new photos every couple of weeks of another pound of fat gone, and another muscle defined.

He has said that he will start streaming with his newfound look soon, promising more broadcasts once he heads back to America. 

Until then, fans of Greekgodx will have to keep an eye on his Twitter for any further progress, and the occasional Mizkif stream with the cult hero.

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