Greekgodx under fire for Corinna Kopf comments in viral TikTok

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Greek Corinna viral tiktok backlash

Twitch star Greekgodx is facing backlash on TikTok after a viral clip captured comments he made about streamer Corinna Kopf when he “thought” his mic was muted.

Greekgodx is known for the occasional shenanigan or two. The comedic Twitch star boasts over 1.5 million followers on the purple streaming platform, rising to fame for his humorous style when playing games with friends.

However, some viewers aren’t finding one of his more recent comments very funny after a clip from his joint broadcast with Corinna Kopf went viral on TikTok.

The clip shows Greek streaming with Kopf, who is speaking with someone in the background when he says: “Look at it. Holy s**t, bro. I want to bust a fat nut on them.”

Corinna Kopf greekgodx drama
Corinna Kopf is a popular streamer currently signed to Facebook Gaming.

Corinna, seemingly unfazed, asks, “On what?” prompting Greek to flusteredly explain himself.

“Oh, I thought I was muted!” he said. “My bad! Oh my god. I thought I was muted.”

“Who were you talking to when you were muted, though?” Kopf queries, sparking a sputtering apology from Greek.

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While it’s highly likely that the entire ordeal was just some humorous banter, as the two have gone back and forth on stream before, many TikTok commenters are not happy with Greek’s comments.

A clip capturing the moment — which has since garnered over 7 million views and 1 million likes after being posted a day ago — is filled with criticism of Greek’s comments about Kopf’s body.

“Dude has never spoken to a woman,” one user wrote.

Corinna TikTok comment 1

“I honestly can’t believe that men talk like this,” said another.

However, other commenters found the situation totally comedic, sounding off in the replies with their own takes on the situation.

“Bro, he could have saved himself if he didn’t say he thought he was muted!” one commented.

Corinna TikTok comment 2

“He exposed himself, he could have saved that easily,” another wrote.

Both Greek and Corinna have yet to comment on the situation at the time of writing.

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