Corinna Kopf reveals just exactly what made her so rich

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Kick streamer and OnlyFans star Corinna Kopf is rolling in the dough — but some fans wonder how she got so rich. Luckily, she gave them an answer.

Corinna Kopf is a bonafide internet superstar. The 28-year-old influencer boasts a massive following across multiple social media sites, including Instagram (6.5M), Twitter/X (3M), and Kick (94K), where she streams on a regular basis.

Over the years, Kopf hasn’t been quiet about flexing her luxury lifestyle, famously buying YouTube star David Dobrik a $500K Ferrari back in April.

In fact, fans have gotten a good look at what her monthly income is like over the years. In 2022, Dobrik memorably showed off some of Kopf’s monthly earnings, which ranged anywhere from $680,000 on the low end to $2.3 million on the high end.


Corinna Kopf reveals the secret behind her millionaire status

But how does Kopf manage to make so much money? The star spoke out about the subject in response to a fan’s query in December 2023, saying that she has one platform in particular to thank for her wealth.

“What made you rich?” the fan asked.

“A fun little site I can’t mention made me eight figures a year, and Stake dot com also contributed,” she replied.

It’s not hard to figure out what ‘site’ Kopf is referring to; the star has been pretty open about how much money she makes from OnlyFans, earning over one million dollars merely 48 hours after first starting her page on the platform back in summer 2021.

That’s not all; Kopf has also claimed to make $100K per month on Instagram alone, not to mention her investment portfolio that reportedly rakes in up to $70K on “any given day.”

Kopf also mentioned Stake as a major part of her income, as well. Stake is a well-known online gambling platform that sponsors Corinna, with co-owners of the company also backing Kick, where she streams.

It’s clear that Kopf isn’t hurting for cash — but she’s far from the only major OnlyFans star raking in the big bucks, with names like Amouranth also making eye-popping amounts of money over the last few years.

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