GreekGodx surprises xQc with real-life Twitch stream snipe

xQc GreekGodxGreekGodx/xQc

Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel got a shock when he was stream sniped in real life by his good friend Dimitri ‘GreekGodx’ Antonatos during a recent broadcast.

xQc has been good friends with Greek for a while now, and the pair caused a menace the last time they were together at TwitchCon 2019 in San Diego, when Greek got xQc kicked out a party, among other things.

During a Friday night stream on January 24, the streamer decided to surprise his friend while he was playing the 1996 point-and-click horror game Harvester.

Greekgodx xQc TwichconGreekGodx/Twitter
xQc and Greek got into plenty of shenanigans at TwitchCon 2019.

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As xQc was just getting started in the game, Greek snuck up behind the streamer and scared the living bejesus out of him.

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“Who is this guy dude?” the Canadian said over the game audio, which made deciphering exactly what the pair were saying next to impossible.

It’s not hard to tell that Dimitri was happy to see Felix, and he even brought his fellow streamer an offering of some exclusive merch.

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The gift was the hilarious kind you would expect from Greek – a shirt with his greekBrow emote proudly displayed on the front.

After graciously accepting the tribute, the streamer explained to his friend exactly why he was playing a freaky, 24-year-old video game.

‘When you run out of other games, this is what you play,” he stated. “When you’ve played all the games and you’re out of games, you play this. This is what you play.”

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xQc GreekGodx Harvester gamexQc/Twitch
Greek said it best when he asked “What the f*ck is this game?”

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Greek took off shortly after and xQc only lasted in Harvester for another hour, before moving on with his stream from the strange game.

With the 26-year-old showing up on the Canadian’s broadcast though, it does raise the possibility of a crossover in the near future, but whether that will happen or not remains to be seen.