Greek slams IRL streamers “desperate for content” after Mizkif, Alinity, HAchubby drama

Greekgodx slams mizkif and alinity over irl dramaTwitch/Mizkif/Twitter/Greekgodx/Instagram/Alinitydivine

Twitch star Dimitri ‘Greekgodx’ Antonatos has spoken up against the IRL stream shenanigans of Mizkif and Alinity, after the latter accused a waiter at a restaurant of being “racist” for not understanding HAchubby’s order.

IRL Twitch streams are one of the most popular forms of content on the platform, with some of the site’s biggest names traveling the world, interacting with strangers and venturing into the outside world. It’s a nice change of pace from the standard gaming streams Twitch is known for.

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However, IRL streams do have their share of controversial moments with streamers literally being attacked, setting their backyards on fire and botching skateboard tricks. One such notorious incident occurred when Alinity visited Mizkif along with HAchubby.

As Dexerto reported, Alinity and Mizkif accused an employee at Shake Shack of being “racist” when he had a hard time understanding HAchubby’s order in part due to Korean being her primary language.

The clip of the streamers making the accusations spread like wildfire, eventually resulting in Alinity issuing a tearful apology, confessing that she even called the restaurant and spoke to the manager to say the employees were “great.”

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Despite this, Greekgodx took to Twitter to voice his opinion on the matter and remind streamers that workers at restaurants are grinding it out to make a living.

“IRL Twitch streamers need to chill a bit and not think they are the center of the universe. I get it you’re desperate for content. People have real jobs and stressful [lives]. It’s not all about you,” he blasted. “STFU and keep [to] yourself unless people want to be filmed.”

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“People don’t realize what a grind these type of jobs are unless you worked them. It’s not fun, it’s hard work. and it’s boring,” he explained in a comment to a since-deleted video of the IRL restaurant order incident. “You feel unloved and replaceable. So keep that in mind when millionaire streamers try to make content with you.”

Many people agreed with Greek’s take, with some even adding that it should be against Twitch’s TOS to film people at their jobs without consent.

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Time will tell if more big Twitch names take Greek’s remarks to heart or if the troubling trend of filming employees on the job during streams continues unchecked.