Twitch streamer Mitch Jones’ crazy skateboard trick ends in disaster


Twitch star Mitch Jones embarrassed and redeemed himself after some skateboard shenanigans during a live broadcast.

The streamer was hanging out with Barry74 outdoors when chat started asking Jones to perform a trick on his skateboard.

It was pretty clear that Jones had experience skateboarding in the past, as he seemed to know what move his viewers were wanting him to do: a tre flip.

That looked like it hurt.

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A tre flip has many names and is often referred to as a 360 kickflip. It involves the board flipping 360 degrees in the air with the rider landing on the board afterward.

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“What the f**k’s a tre flip?” Barry asked.

“I’ll show you a tre flip,” Mitch replied and went to grab his board. Mere seconds after he got on his board, the streamer fell and painfully face-planted right on the cement.

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“Jesus, what the hell’s wrong with you?” Barry gasped as his friend slowly got back to his feet.

According to the skateboarder, he hit a rock or a pebble and it completely caused him to lose his balance.

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Luckily, the streamer was okay and avoided serious injury, so it looked a lot worse than it actually was.

Luckily, Jones was okay.

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“Anyone that skateboards knows if you kit the littlest pebble you just stop. Anyone who skateboards knows this. Ow!” he groaned. “Oh sh*t.”

Not deterred, Jones decided to have another crack at it to make up for his embarrassing fall. “Let me try this one more time.”

Even while wearing slippers, the second time was the charm for Jones as he managed to land the move on his next attempt.

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“Oh sick!” Barry exclaimed at the move which also earned some ‘PogChamps’ from viewers in the chat. “Geez!”

“Got it, baby!” Jones beamed while skating towards his friend.

It may be one of the quickest redemption arcs in the history of Twitch. One has to wonder if Jones has that much skill with slippers on, how good would he be with standard shoes?

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