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Andrea Botez gives chess Grandmaster her number after losing bet on Twitch

Published: 27/Jul/2021 12:23

by Lauren Bergin


Chess Twitch streamer extraordinaire Andrea Botez has given an anonymous Grandmaster her phone number after a bet gone wrong. 

Twitch’s resident chess queen Andrea Botez has breathed new life into the ancient game of wits by travelling the world to take on some of the scene’s most established players.

Alongside her sister, Alexandra, the pair have popularized the iconic board game, joining TSM FTX’s Hikaru at the pinnacle of chess play.

It turns out though that, despite their international prowess, Andrea bit off more than she can chew going up against a Grandmaster in the middle of a bustling Times Square. His prize? Her phone number.


Alexandra and Andrea Botez Envy Gaming
Envy Gaming
Both Botez sisters were signed to Envy Gaming in 2020.

The Queen’s Gambit

Taking on the young Grandmaster, Andrea promised him that if he defeated her he would earn the right to her phone number. This stemmed from a bet she placed with fellow chess star Hans Niemann, who unfortunately fell at the final hurdle and walked away empty handed.

However, as the game hurtled towards a conclusion, time begins to run out for the Twitch star. After scrambling to force the clock in her favor, she knocks over one of her pieces and ultimately loses the game when the time runs out.

After a quick fist bump and a “good game,” he asks Andrea to “live up to [her] promise,” passing her his phone after she chooses to “put her number in” so that she doesn’t dox herself on camera.


He then reveals that he’s a Grandmaster player with a rating above 2,000, despite fumbling slightly during one of his earlier games.

As chess streams continue to grow in prominence, the Botez sisters have taken their talents to the streets of New York to take on some of the city’s resident chess gurus.

While Andrea remains one of Twitch’s brightest chess stars, the queen might have to make sure she doesn’t take too many risks, otherwise she’ll end up with a lot of new contacts on her phone!