Alinity faces backlash for calling waiter "racist" on Twitch over HAchubby incident - Dexerto

Alinity faces backlash for calling waiter “racist” on Twitch over HAchubby incident

Published: 26/Jul/2021 12:52

by Lauren Bergin


Twitch streamer Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon has come under fire over a clip from a stream with Mizkif and Maya Higa, where she accused their waiter of being “racist.”

Alinity has been streaming alongside Mizkif and Maya in some IRL escapades, traveling around together and streaming their antics for their tens of thousands of viewers to watch.

However, as is often the case with IRL streaming, it wasn’t long before drama struck. Alinity particularly has found herself facing criticism, due to a visit to Shake Shack.

Alinity Twitch
Instagram: alinitydivine
Alinity has managed to get herself into more trouble for calling out a Shake Shack waiter.

Alinity calls Shake Shack waiter a “racist”

After one of the fast-food store’s servers was apparently rude to another streamer, HAchubby, who is Korean, Alinity suggested it was because the waiter was racist.


With the waiter apparently impatient with HAchubby, as English is not her first language, Mizkif said that “the servers keep looking at us, they didn’t like us, and we really didn’t do anything.”

Alinity suggested that “he didn’t like HAchubby. He was so upset that she didn’t speak the native language very well, I think he was racist.”

The table then goes quiet, but Alinity continued, “instead of being patient, he was getting annoyed.”

The internet hits back

In response to the clip, users on the post’s subreddit have slammed the crew for being overly sensitive to the situation.


“They really have to be careful,” one respondent writes. “That was a gross accusation to make, that could potentially damage his life. Especially saying it in front of 55k people.” Another echoes this, noting “dude’s about to lose his job because these streamers more concerned with their content than sensibility.”

Further comments call the squad “delusional millionaires,” and hit back at Alinity for making “this century’s most s**t take.”

The original Twitch clip has been removed following the backlash, but Alinity herself has not commented on the situation.

Of course, Alinity is no stranger to controversy.

Most infamously, a 2019 clip showed the Colombian star throwing her pet cat, the issue has continued to plague her ever since. While fellow streamer Mizkif trolled her in a stream segment dedicated to helping her learn “cat maintenance,” the issue remains no laughing matter for many.