Alinity bursts into tears and apologizes after Twitch backlash over calling waiter “racist”

Alinity bursts into tears and apologizes after Twitch backlash for calling waiter "racist"Twitch: Alinity

Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon burst into tears and apologized for calling a waiter “racist” after the internet grilled her for making a “gross accusation” that could potentially damage his livelihood.

Alinity has been hanging out with Mizkif and Maya and doing some IRL streams with them on Twitch. It was going swimmingly until they encountered a Shake Shack employee who was apparently rude to Korean streamer HAchubby.

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Apparently, the waiter became impatient after struggling to understand her order because English isn’t her first language. However, Alinity claimed he “didn’t like” HAchubby and got “so upset” because he was “racist.”

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The internet wasn’t thrilled with her comments. Many people considered it to be an extraordinary claim without extraordinary evidence. They cautioned her to “be careful” when throwing accusations like that around in front of 55,000 viewers because it could cost him his job.
The criticism didn’t stop there, though. Others slammed the trio for being “delusional millionaires” who were overly sensitive to the incident. The negative reaction to their comments got so extreme that the original clip, shared on /r/LivestreamFails, was removed from Twitch.
To make matters worse, it seems like the whole situation has taken a hefty toll on Alinity. “Alinity is upstairs crying,” said Mizkif. “I don’t know what to do. She’s pretty upset. The vibes are definitely off. I went upstairs, and she was crying.”
Eventually, Alinity wiped away her tears and summoned the courage to get back on stream. Then, she told viewers that she apologized to the manager and employees over the incident and assured fans everything had been sorted.
“I called the place. I talked to the manager. I apologized for being a**holes,” she said. “I told the manager that the employees were great. And the manager said that all the employees were fine and thank you for calling.”
In the end, it all worked out. The employee didn’t lose his job, and there was no bad blood between him and the streamers.
However, the situation serves as a stark reminder that Twitch streamers need to be careful with what they say and do in front of their massive audiences because it can have serious implications in the real world.

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